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April 4, 2018

Xander Schauffele

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What's been the best part of the experience so far?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: I think just being here. Just being on the grounds, seeing the fans, the Par‑3 Contest, I have my friends and my family out here, just the whole experience has been really cool and special.

Q. How did you come to ‑‑ is that your girlfriend on your bag?

Q. How did you come to that? Was it much of a struggle?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: No, not at all. She doesn't know a whole lot about golf and this is the perfect. I mean, typically you have your wife or girlfriend or dad or someone do it, but he does enough for me so I figured I would sub him out, have someone special do it.

Q. What's her name?

Q. Spell it.

Q. Last name?

Q. What did she say out there?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: She thought it was really cool. Playing with Charley and his kids and Brendan is super nice, his dad on the bag, so it was really calm and a fun day with kids running around and I got to hang out with my girlfriend too on the golf course, which doesn't really ever happen.

Q. What about the golf course has kind of made an impression on you? What stands out?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: I know the greens were slopey, but there's so much, they're slopier than I imagined, I guess‑‑ Alister MacKenzie designed Pasatiempo, and there's putts and chips there that get away from you, so I knew they were slopey.

Q. Did you just compare the Masters to a college event?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: No, no, the greens. Relax. The greens. It's the same designer. He claims that that's his baby too, Pasatiempo. So knowing the greens‑‑ I knew the greens were crazy coming in and they're crazier than I thought.

Q. Shot shaping? What do you think compares to your game?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: It should suit me pretty well if I just do my thing. The thing I thought was tricky was I feel like you always, the design of the course sets you up to hit opposite shots. So you'll have a cut wind trying to hit a draw and you'll have a hook lie trying to hit a cut or a cut lie trying to hit a draw. So that was the biggest thing I realized coming in too.

Q. The conference call last week when Nick Faldo named you as his top kind of dark horse pick?

Q. Did you know that?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: I did not know that.

Q. You heard the, "Killing Me Schauffele"? Have you heard that?

Q. Have you heard that?

Q. Do you like it?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: I think it's funny. Anything, Schauffele is a gross name, so it's actually not that bad though.

Q. How do you feel about coming as the Rookie of the Year, the attention that you may get this week and when you've never played before, what's that like?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: It's cool. I still go to tournaments and people have no idea who I am. And, where was I? Austin, Texas. I was there and signing a kid's autograph and he turned around to his dad and said, who is that guy? And I heard the dad go, I have no idea.
So being Rookie of the Year it's really special, but in order to really make a name yourself you have to do more than that, so that's what we're trying to do.

Q. Is it like what you thought it would be as far as driving up Magnolia Lane and all that stuff?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, it's that and more, honestly. And then to be there with my dad, it was just really cool since we have been at it for a long time and this is one of the ultimate goals when you're a little kid and have a club in your hand, so to be here with him is really special.

Q. You played a practice round with Charley?

Q. Did you learn some stuff?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, selfishly I've seen him have good results here and I know him pretty well now, just from being out here, and he sort of has taken me under his wing in a sense, just being from San Diego and, yeah, he's helped me out a lot.

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