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April 4, 2018

Jack Nicklaus

Gary Nicklaus, Jr.

Gary Player

Tom Watson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Looking at the leaderboard, how aware were you of what your standing was through this nine?
TOM WATSON: Well after I birdied the first four holes I said, this would be all right to win the par‑3. I won it one other time, a long time ago, and of course I didn't win the Tournament that year. You never win the Tournament when you win the par‑3, but since I'm not playing in the tournament I said, let's go for it this year.

Q. Gary, we think that somehow there could be an end to the memories that this group creates, but there just doesn't seem to be. What does a day like this mean to you?
GARY PLAYER: It means an awful lot, especially seeing Tom, 68, putting the way he did. It was just a joy. And then Jack, 78, also 4‑under par, and I'm nearly 83 shoot 2‑under par, and then his caddie, his grandson, who they predicted would have a hole‑in‑one, it was a marvelous day, a marvelous day.

Q. You have endless memories here, Jack, how would you rank what you just saw?
JACK NICKLAUS: No. 1. What I did doesn't make any difference to me. I can't talk. But watching your grandson do something, it's really special. I got a few tears. We talked about three days ago and I said, do you want to hit the ball on 9? And he said, sure. And I said, well I think you're going to make a hole‑in‑one. That's what I told him three days ago. And he said, okay. He's never made a hole‑in‑one, it's his first hole in one. It's pretty special.

Q. When you stood on that tee box and you're facing all these people, you're playing with these men, what was your thought as you drew the club back?
GARY NICKLAUS, JR: I was just trying to hit it on the green, just trying to hit a good shot. I was just setting up ‑‑ and this is, this is probably my favorite week of the year and this is a special tournament and golf is a sport that I love. And to have this happen is just unbelievable. So my thought process was just to do the best that I can and whatever happens, happens.

Q. When you saw where it landed, maybe the loudest cheerleader in this whole place is right there, Gary Player, just kept shouting, you're going to like that, you're going to like that. What were you thinking as you saw it start to track?
GARY NICKLAUS, JR: I saw it coming back and I felt it was kind of looking like it could go in, but I was thinking, no way, no way, no way. And then it looked like it stopped for a second about an inch behind the hole and I thought it was over, but then I saw it fall and I couldn't believe that it fell. Of course, I didn't even see it at first, I couldn't believe what I saw.

Q. Jack and for all of you, you know that golf is such a generational game, but to share a moment like that in a venue like this where you authored so many moments that so many other families have enjoyed, I know we kid back and forth, but how do you put into perspective what it means?
JACK NICKLAUS: Well, what it means is I just experienced something that ‑‑ you always want the best for your kids and your grand kids and to watch the grand kid come along and knock in a hole‑in‑one on the biggest venue in the world on a day that really he's up here to caddie for his grandfather, to be part of the day, and then to knock it in for a hole‑in‑one, wow. I mean, what a day. What a fantastic ending. His father, I don't think his father, I don't know where he is, but look up around the trees up there, I don't think he's come down yet, I'm sure he's still up there. But it was just very, very special to have his sister with us too. I was just hoping I could play all my Masters par‑3s and get through all my grand kids and I had to start doubling up, because I don't think I was going to get there. So anyway today was a very, very special day.

Q. Tom, for all those who still play the game, who sort of live it through you, through what you three men have done. When they see you do this today, what's the message you send to the guy out there who is over 50, over 60, who is still out there trying to improve?
TOM WATSON: Well, we are lucky to play a game that we can play into our later age. There's no other sport that you can do this. Golf is the only one. And it's proven anyone can win. Watch out this week, watch out for those older guys. You got Mickelson, you got Tiger, you got some of the old guys this week, they may make some noises.
JACK NICKLAUS: I didn't even talk about my friend here who shot 21. The only 2‑putt green he had was the last one. And he had a total of eight putts for the whole nine.
TOM WATSON: Pretty good.
JACK NICKLAUS: Including the two at the last hole. That's pretty good.
TOM WATSON: That's pretty good. It's the Watson of old.
JACK NICKLAUS: The Watson of old and the old Watson.
GARY PLAYER: But isn't that encouraging for people who are playing the game? The average player thinking, I can play golf when I'm 80, when I'm 68, when I'm 78, and enjoy it. And this is what we need in golf. To see the way they played today was remarkable.

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