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April 4, 2018

Johan Van Herck

Nashville, Tennessee

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. (Question regarding Nashville and the venue.)
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: It's very nice. It's a nice city. We had a warm welcome. It's really great organization. No, we're happy with the venue. It's nice. It's not really big, but I think it's really cozy. I think if it's full, it's going to be a nice atmosphere. Organization is great.

For us, has been a really good week so far.

Q. We were talking to Jim about the atmosphere. Have you noticed a difference when Davis Cup is played in Europe versus in America?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I've played myself once in Indianapolis, but it's a long time ago. But we'll see at the weekend. I don't know. I think in Davis Cup, what is nice for everybody I think is the fans get involved. It's getting more like a noisy atmosphere.

I think it's everywhere the same, so I expect the same here. I think that's what makes Davis Cup great. I don't know if it's more, how I should say, the people are more involved in Europe. I don't know. It depends which country you play in Europe.

We played the final in France. They were very involved. We played other ties. I think it also depends on the quality of the matches and the level of the matches.

But I'll expect a great atmosphere here.

Q. What kind of quality of matches do you expect from the U.S. team?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: If you see the team, I think they have a really strong team. It's a team that can go really deep in Davis Cup, that maybe can win the Davis Cup.

They have a lot of options. In singles or doubles, they can choose so many options. I think it's up to us to first look at our team. We're only going to know tomorrow, after the draw, who is going to play, how they will look, how they will match up.

We have to look at our own team and try to get our team ready with everything we got.

Q. What strategy is involved there?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I think there's not too much strategy for us. I think Ruben and Joris are two guys that will play the singles. In doubles we have two options. For us it's pretty clear how we're going to play, which players will be on the court.

We'll try to get them ready. We'll try to get them in shape. We'll use the experience we have in Davis Cup, playing matches, to get a good result.

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