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April 1, 2018

Inbee Park

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Wow, what a battle. One that extends until tomorrow. Inbee Park, so much clutch putts down the stretch. Let's start with the one on 17 in regulation. Where does that rank in terms of putts that you make, because I know Brad told you that you guys needed a couple birdies coming in?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, we needed a birdie on 17 and 18, and I had a chance on 17, and I thought I just hit this ball online and it has a chance. So, yeah, I started where I wanted to start and it rolled the way I wanted to.

Q. What about the putts that you made to keep extending this playoff? Some of the par saves on 18? Were you feeling the nerves at all, because you looked so calm standing there on the green?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, I think I was a little nervous because No. 18 is not my favorite hole. The palm tree in the middle with my ball flight is just really hard to hit a driver over it. If you hit a 3-wood, you run out of fairway. So I really don't have much of a shot. And I think I made some good par save there's to just keep on playing.

Finally we're playing a different hole tomorrow, so I'm excited about that. Yeah, it was really dark on the last playoff hole, but I was able to save that two-putt. I think I was putting in the dark, but somehow I was able to make that.

Q. Finally, there aren't too many things you haven't accomplished in this game, and I know she's your competitor, but to watch Pernilla, knowing that she's made 250 starts worldwide without a win, seeking her first major title, how cool is it to watch her compete with someone like you, a 7-time major title winner?
INBEE PARK: Yeah, but it's always exciting to see someone playing really well in a major championship where they haven't been in that position. I mean even she doesn't have much experience, she's in the last group in a playoff, but I think everybody is in the same situation in the playoff. Everybody's nervous. Everybody wants a major win, so I think we are really playing under the same conditions.

So, yeah, hopefully I can warm up really quickly tomorrow morning. I mean, I'm not used to a morning tee time after playing late for quite a few days, so it's an early start for me. So I'm just going to have to relax well, and just yeah, go out early in the morning.

Q. If there's anything we've seen you do over the years, it is relax well. Get some rest, we'll see you bright and early.
INBEE PARK: Okay. Thanks.

Q. Did you think for a second about not going back to the tee or was it just automatic on that last one?
INBEE PARK: Well, we got asked from the rules official whether we wanted to play more, and Pernilla said yes, and I said, okay, then we'll play.

So, yeah, I knew it was getting a little bit on the edge there, but, yeah, we both finished with a par which is good in the dark, I think. Yeah, I'm just happy that we got rid of that 18th hole. The 18th hole is not my favorite hole because of my driver height. It was just a little too low to carry the palm trees. If you hit a 3-wood you kind of run out of fairway on the right. It is not a great set-up for me. So, yeah, I'm excited to play another hole, yeah.

Q. Is this the darkest you've ever played golf?
INBEE PARK: Definitely, yeah.

Q. What was the most challenging part on the green?
INBEE PARK: On the green, I think it's distance control. It's just hard to judge because you can't really see the greens how much it has grown or how quick it's going to be. So it's all about feeling and the greens book.

Q. Are you exhausted right now mentally?
INBEE PARK: I feel okay, actually. Maybe I'll be tired tomorrow morning, but I feel okay now.

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