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March 31, 2018

Jennifer Song

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. 4-under today, how was it out there?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, my front nine I was playing like lights out. I think I made three birdies in a row. My shots into the green, I was pretty much dialed in, so it felt good. I kind of felt -- I'm happy about my overall round, but I wasn't happy about my back nine, because I wish I could have shot a couple under, but I just came in at even par.

But it's great to be in this position going into the final round, and I feel very great.

Q. Just a couple shots back from what looks like the lead heading into the final round. Are you comfortable there?
JENNIFER SONG: I'm actually comfortable coming from behind. If I was the leader on the fourth round, I think I would have more like butterflies, but it's like happy butterflies. But I like chasing the leader. So hopefully I'll just enjoy myself out there and embrace the moment and just play one at a time, and hopefully I'll hit some great shots out there.

Q. Your caddie mentioned you maybe struggled a little bit off the tee the first two days but you really straightened it out today. What was the difference for you today?
JENNIFER SONG: I think there was some alignment issues. Aaron usually lines me up, and sometimes -- I trust his line, but I just kind of felt uncomfortable over the ball. So I just compensated too much. But yesterday we figured out, like he understood my feelings, so we hit a couple drivers and just figured out what's best for me. I think we're all set.

Q. You had your best finish in a major last year at Evian. Have you gotten to a point in your career where you're used to the moment and used to playing in major championships?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I think I love playing in major championships. I love playing tough golf courses. I use pretty much every club in my bag. I just have a lot of fun. Even if I miss the green, I need to hit some great up-and-downs, and it just keeps me in the moment all the time until I finish the 18th hole. Then I have to do that for four rounds. So it's grueling, but it's very enjoyable.

Q. What about this week? This will probably be your best finish of the year. Is there something that clicked between last week and this week?
JENNIFER SONG: Well, last week I'm used to the Po annua, and I made a lot of great putts and it just never dropped, never went home. So I struggled on the green, but this week's greens are pure, so as long as I aim and see the line right and then roll it on my line, it usually goes in. So it's very nice.

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