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March 30, 2018

Juan Martin Del Potro

Miami, Florida

J. ISNER/J. Del Potro

6-1, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel you played your last match in Key Biscayne?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: I played well. I did a good tournament, and I go home with many things to celebrate.

John deserved to win today. He serves unbelievable. He plays great tennis on the tiebreak. He was too good for me.

Q. Obviously you looked very tired, which is very understandable. Could you talk about how did you feel this morning and during today's match?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: As always, I have been feeling tight in all my body for the last couple of weeks, but when I get into the court I love to play tennis. I got too much love from the fans, and maybe that pains go away during the match.

But today John plays better. I don't have any skills for that. He was better than me, and he deserved to win.

Q. How was John better than you? And have you seen him this consistent, particularly off that forehand that he was peppering to your backhand?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: Well, he has a better serve than me, and then when he plays as good as today, he's one of the tougher guys on tour.

I mean, not many players can return his serves. He plays every time making winners. When he has a good day, he has everything to win a title like this. I think he was better for today.

Q. Was there a moment where you were trying to wait for him to cool down a bit because he was so hot in the beginning?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: No, no. I was trying to put them in pressure and trying to make him effort with his forehands and backhands, but it doesn't happen today. He play really good tennis.

Q. Last week in Indian Wells you won the championship, and this week you made the semifinals. How can you rate your performance in these past couple of weeks?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: I'm so happy for these tournaments. I won Acapulco, also. It was my 16th match in a row, I think, in only one month (smiling) and that's enough, I think.

And now I will have time for recovery my body and make a smart schedule for clay court tournaments. I will see when is gonna be my next challenge.

Q. How do you see the upcoming clay court season since you're full of confidence? You need some rest, of course, but how do you see the confidence taking you how far on clay?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: I'm not thinking about tennis anymore (smiling). It was enough, enough. But I would love to keep playing in this level on the clay court tournaments, but I don't know when I'm going to start, because I need to prepare myself even better than hard court. And I want to stay healthy during the whole year. So maybe I quit a few tournaments at the beginning and then be ready for Paris or maybe a tournament before.

Q. How long before you anticipate picking up a racquet, and what will you do over the next days or even weeks?
JUAN MARTIN del POTRO: I will have a good vacation, maybe a week or more days. Depends how I feel. But I would love to go home, to stay in Tandil eating barbecues, spend time with my family and friends and don't talk about tennis for a couple of weeks.

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