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March 30, 2018

Ayako Uehara

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. You were 1-under today. Can you tell us how it was out there today, your round?
AYAKO UEHARA: In the beginning I had a good opportunity, but I didn't make it. But overall I think just 1-under is a pretty good round today. Right now in good shape, 7-under, and the leader is 12, right?

Q. Yes.
AYAKO UEHARA: So I have two more opportunities.

Q. Yeah, so you're paying attention to that, how far you have to get up the leaderboard?

Q. Do you think that's going to be a difficult task based on how well they're playing at the top?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually, I think it's not an easy golf course here, so I need to be patient. Also sometimes I need to be aggressive and maybe we need a balance, good management, and more aggressive. Two more days I need more -- I'm thinking about at the moment and play smart.

Q. Are there certain holes you want to be more aggressive on tomorrow?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually not. But it depends on the situation. Because the greens are firm, and I think every day the sun shines so tomorrow more will come too, so I need to play smart.

Q. Do you like playing when it's so hot outside? Does that effect you?
AYAKO UEHARA: Yeah, yeah, it's fine, yeah, because it's dry. The sunshine is very strong. The sun is strong, but it's dry, so dry conditions, so not too bad.

Q. You've got your umbrella and your caddie to hold it.
AYAKO UEHARA: Yes, yes. I need an umbrella all the time.

Q. Would you rather play hot or cold?
AYAKO UEHARA: Hot. I don't like cold because I'm from Okinawa, which is south small island, like Hawaii.

Q. So it's more hot there and tropical?
AYAKO UEHARA: Yeah, yeah.

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