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March 30, 2018

Charley Hull

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Talk about your day.
CHARLEY HULL: I'm hitting it pretty decent, and I feel like I'm just playing good golf. I like this golf course, so I always have good memories of it.

Q. What is it about this golf course that you like?
CHARLEY HULL: I played it since I was 15 or 16. That was my first year as a pro and as an amateur. And I just enjoy it. I think I have good memories of this whole place.

Q. Normally 7-under after 36 holes might even be the leader, but there are some great low scores out there. Why is that?
CHARLEY HULL: I think the golf course is in great condition this year. I think it's pretty, like, perfect. I think you can hit a good putt and they'll go in, so, yeah, it's good. I don't know, I just keep on digging away and hopefully get a low score.

Q. Any thoughts about Pernilla?
CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, she's playing great golf. She's hitting some shots. She pretty much got up-and-down when she needed to.

Q. Do you feel like at this point in your career when you're at a major it's second-nature to you, or do you still get a little amped up?
CHARLEY HULL: No, I'm getting used to it now. It's fun, I like it.

Q. You don't get nervous at all out there, Charley?
CHARLEY HULL: Not too much. You get a little bit nervous on the final day, but not really, no. Once you're going, you're going.

Q. One of your countrywomen Jodi Shadoff is up there as well. I don't know, is there some weird thing about British players playing well?
CHARLEY HULL: I don't know. I don't look into that. Mostly just like the golf course.

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