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March 30, 2018

Amy Olson

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. What's been the key for you so far this week?
AMY OLSON: Well, I've hit a lot of fairways, which obviously helps out here. The rough's thick, so if you can keep it on the fairway you can give yourself a lot of birdie opportunities. I've just been putting really well too, rolling the ball well and seeing some putts go in.

Q. Have you liked playing here in the past?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, this is only my second time playing the ANA. I played Q-school out here, I've played some smaller events, and then this is where I stay when I train in like January, February. I actually stay in the complex here, so I come out here in the evenings and just chip and putt on the greens of the tournament course, so I've gotten to know some of the different deceptive areas.

Q. How long have you been doing that?
AMY OLSON: Really just this year. This is kind of the first year, but, yeah, I've probably spent at least four weeks here already this year just kind of practicing, and not necessarily with this in mind, just trying to get better, you know? And then I played my way into this, so it's good to have a little bit of a home course advantage.

Q. Awesome. What was like the timeframe that you were here?
AMY OLSON: So I was out here second week in January, so the two weeks before the Bahamas, week before Australia, and then week before Phoenix. So four weeks.

Q. So you would go, come back, go, come back?
AMY OLSON: Yeah. So I work with Ron Stockton who is in Redlands, so between here and L.A., about an hour away from here. I'd go up and see him a couple days a week, but I would stay here at Mission Hills.

Q. Someone that you know?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, Lisa DePaulo who used to play on Tour, I just stay with her when I'm here.

Q. So just being in this position in a major, what's that feel like for you?
AMY OLSON: Well, honestly, I just feel good to be playing good. I haven't really been thinking about the fact that it's a major championship. I just really like the golf course, and just trying to stay aggressive and make birdies. I know my tendency is to play conservative, and I've been working on that and trying to stay more aggressive.

So I know that will be a challenge going into the weekend. I'm just looking forward to being able to learn from that, and hopefully be able to do the same thing that I've been doing.

Q. Anything specific you can point to in your game that's like, this is clicking right now?
AMY OLSON: You know, not necessarily anything in particular. Everything's pretty solid. But fortunately I haven't really had to rely on one area of my game, which is always a good thing. Just feel good about everything.

Q. I've seen a lot of the Golf for Africa more often. I keep seeing it everywhere. Tell me your involvement in that?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, I met Betsy probably three years ago, and I had always wanted to do some sort of a missions trip, and she wondered if I wanted to go to Africa that December. I thought about it and thought this is the perfect opportunity, because most mission trips are in the summer. Not good for golf, right? And she's like are we're going to go in December.

So I hopped on board and I said I'd love to go. So going to Africa, seeing what clean water does for people had a huge impact for me, and I just knew I wanted to get involved in whatever way possible.

So Cheyenne Woods, myself, Kristy McPherson, and Kendall Dye, all kind of put our efforts together, raised money in our hometowns with our colleges, and raised about $60,000 to put in a well that provides water for a lot of people. So that was kind of the initial involvement.

I've just really tried to support it in any way I can, and I just want to represent them. It's an organization I believe in, and it's just fun to be a part of something like that.

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