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March 29, 2018

Chella Choi

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Looks like you played well today, 4-under par, how did you feel out there?
CHELLA CHOI: Everything was pretty good but when I got here, I think I was a little tired compared to last week, so during the practice round, I didn't feel like I fully recovered when I hit my driver. But before we went out yesterday, I think I got it back, and so today, my driver felt pretty good.

Q. What aspect of your play today did you feel really went well today?
CHELLA CHOI: My driver, definitely. I really felt strong there and even though I hit it off the green, I was able to get it back into play. But it’s alright, I still feel like I'm doing well.

Q. When you don't feel like you've really found your driver, how do you change your game mentally?
CHELLA CHOI: I'm always trying to find it. Even when I don't think I have the right feeling, I still feel like it’s right.

Q. What will you do to rest?
CHELLA CHOI: Since my driver felt good today, I think I just have to work on my putting and then I should be good. So I'll end up putting a little bit and I should be able to play well the next three days.

Q. What’s the communication like with your caddie out on course?
CHELLA CHOI: I worked a long time with my dad, like the last 10 years (laughing). I know this course pretty well and so does my dad, and so it doesn't seem like we communicate too much out there. There weren't too many difficult situations out there today. Today was good.

Q. What’s your goal at the end of this week?
CHELLA CHOI: Going into the pond! (Laughing).

Everybody’s thinking the same, right? Going into the water, that’s the dream.

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