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March 29, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. How much of a relief is it to get this first round done and over with and be in good position?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely. I don't know if I would say it's a relief. I was just really looking forward to just playing this week. I love coming here, and the course can't be in any better shape. Probably the best I've seen it, and the greens are perfect.

Yeah, overall I played really well today. So just going to take that into the next three days.

Q. Karen Stupples told me a couple days ago how well Lexi Thompson was hitting the driver. We're used to that. But she said she's taken it to a different level. How do you assess your driver? I know you've changed equipment, but it's such an advantage for you on this golf course?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I get to hit my driver a lot on this golf course, which is nice. I didn't get it to hit it so much last week at the Kia. I feel very comfortable with it. I changed to the Cobra F8 at the beginning of the year. I feel very comfortable with it, and this golf course definitely sets up for my game off the tee. I get to just aim up the right and fire away.

Q. Watching you play and watching the fans out here and watching the reaction on social media, it seems like you have the world cheering for you. How much energy do you get when you're out there on the golf course having that much support?
LEXI THOMPSON: It truly is amazing. The fan aspect of it at this tournament every year is truly amazing. It makes me feel so special. Just for all the players, there are so many fans out here supporting us.

But I remember there were two little girls that followed me every day last year and were giving me high fives, especially when everything was going on. They were here today giving me high fives on every hole. It just put a smile on my face. It makes me feel good. No matter how I play, I know they're always there cheering me on.

Q. I know you'd like to erase the bogey on the final hole, but it's still your lowest round in the opening of the ANA. How do you take that and use it to your advantage going into the next three days?
LEXI THOMPSON: I hit some great shots on that last hole. It was just kind of bad luck with the tee shot hitting the one low tree. I hit a great wedge shot just a yard right. But I take a lot of positives out of today. I hit some really solid iron shots. And I'm just working on my game, trying to get the nice solid contact back, trying to get comfortable out there.

Q. Asked about the drive on 12:
Probably my farthest. It felt good on that one, really, with adrenaline, and maybe got a little power slap.

Q. What does it feel like, when you're playing that well, and just to hit the thing as hard as you can hit it and it goes straight?
A. It's always nice just feeling comfortable, especially over the tee balls. That one I just -- I felt very comfortable on that tee shot, and felt like it just synced up my whole tempo on my golf swing.

Q. Lexi, nearly flawless day. Just that bogey there at the last. How was the round for you?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it went really well. I struck it a lot better than I have been, especially coming off last week. I had a great range session before I played today, so I went into it with a confident attitude, definitely hit some good shots and felt comfortable over the putter.

Q. What were some of the things you were working on on the range that seemed like you got worked out for today?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think really just keeping it simple. Focusing on my tempo, making sure I do my routine and committing to my lines out there. Just keeping it simple and having a nice tempo throughout my whole golf swing.

Q. Do you feel a sense of relief getting back out there and having a nice round today?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, yeah, I was really looking forward to just playing this week. I mean I absolutely love being here, just the atmosphere of this tournament, and I've always loved it since I was an amateur. So I just wanted to start playing, and just to get the first round under the belt was a huge sigh of relief.

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