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March 29, 2018

Beatriz Recari

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. A major championship, no bogies in her opening round, Beatriz Recari a three-time winner on the LPGA Tour, trying to get one here. What went right for you today?
BEATRIZ RECARI: You know, I felt very solid tee to green last week. I played really well. I was very consistent from tee to green. It just didn't go in on the green, but that gives me a little confidence coming into this week. In the past my game wasn't at the right level.

But I think that from the beginning I felt very confident. I knew my strategy. I'll stick to it. Whenever I was in trouble I was actually in a good spot, and I was able to get up-and-down quite easily. So overall I just played really solid, and I'm very happy with how I went on my first round, and I just want to keep it up the next few days.

Q. A lot of people like to make this major comparison with the Masters because it remains at the same golf course every year. This is the opening major for you all. This is your eighth start. How much of an advantage is that on this course?
BEATRIZ RECARI: Definitely. There is a lot of experience that plays on this tournament. You know, the greens are very firm and fast, and off the tee there are a lot of (indiscernible), and the rough tends to get higher and higher throughout the week.

I've always felt very comfortable. I felt like if I was going to win a major, it was going to be on this course. I think that it really suits my game, and definitely really feels like our Masters. There is so much tradition, and the course is always in pristine condition, and it's the height of the tee, so there is a lot that you have to have very sharp in your game for this week, yeah.

Q. Huge par save on 17 to keep it going there. Looked like a difficult bunker shot, and pretty lengthy putt that you holed there?
BEATRIZ RECARI: It wasn't that difficult of a bunker shot. I actually had quite a bit of green to work with. The lie was pretty good, so I just had to land it on the green and play the slope, and then take the putt coming in. But I felt like I played really solid all day long. I felt like I had a very sound strategy, and I stuck to it, I was very positive.

I felt like I played really well last week, and that gave me a lot of confidence coming in, so overall I felt very comfortable for my first round.

Q. Was there anything that clicked last week that helped you today?
BEATRIZ RECARI: Yeah, I felt like all season long, or how many events have we played, 6 or 5? I felt like every week I was getting better. I worked a lot on my game this winter and I was very happy with my progress. You don't want to focus too much on results, but obviously you feel like you're playing well, and you kind of anticipate good results.

But last week was very important for me because of what I said. I felt like I played really solid, and I've felt the best I've felt on the golf course probably in my career. So I definitely felt like I had a very good chance of having a good event here, and I just stayed positive, made sure that I did really good preparation coming in this week. And I stuck to my plan.

Q. You mentioned if you were to win a major, you felt like it would be this one. Can you kind of explain that?
BEATRIZ RECARI: I think so. I think it's very tight off the tee. I feel like the greens roll really well. So obviously when you win, it's always a putting competition, I feel like. But this tournament requires a lot of ball striking, and the rough gets higher and higher every day. I feel like there are a lot of holes that you have to shape it both ways.

It's not just a straightforward golf course. Sometimes you play other major championships that changes every year, and the courses change every year. So benefit more longer hitters and some more of a ball striker. I feel like this one fits my game overall.

I feel like you have to be very sharp. And off the tee being straight is one of my strengths.

Q. Do you take note of the scores posted early and make adjustments to that, or do you not focus on the scores posted early?
BEATRIZ RECARI: No, I never like to look at what other people do because you can't really control it. But the fact was there was no wind, and the forecast says there's not going to be a lot of wind. So obviously I anticipated low scores. But all I can do is control what I do out there, what my attitude is, and what my strategy is towards every hole.

You know, I tried to do that, and I was smart, and definitely this course shows that, and I just want to have a good rest and see the positions for tomorrow, determine what my strategy is going to be, and try to to even better than today.

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