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March 29, 2018

Ha Na Jang

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. One of the best ball strikers I've had the pleasure of seeing. She's not playing over here full-time, but when she does, she entertains us all. Ha Na Jang, nine birdies today. How was it out there?
HA NA JANG: Oh, I didn't know that it was nine birdies. I wanted to do well today, but sometimes it's exciting like every hole, play bogey or bounce backs good. It was a really good finish today.

Q. People talk about this being a course that favors the longer hitter. You're definitely one of those. What do you think you need to focus on this week to get yourself in contention on the weekend?
HA NA JANG: I feel like just be patient every hole. Just on the fairway and the greens because it's very narrow on the golf course here. Then I had 20 more yards last year, so I tried more easy this year. So it was pretty good the longer distance. Just be patient every hole and perfect.

Q. You look like you're having a lot of fun. You always look like you're having fun. But I know your mom is coming this week. You're back here at an LPGA major. How motivated are you, when you think beyond the win, but just to play like you know you can play?
HA NA JANG: I'd like to play the LPGA again, but my mom's more important than myself thinking. So we'll see. I have to win ANA, so we'll talk about it later.

Q. All right. Nine birdies today, you know what we saw? A lot of fist pumps. Can you give us one of those famous fist pumps?
HA NA JANG: All right.

Q. What a day for you, nine birdies, four bogies. How would you describe the round out there?
HA NA JANG: I'm just trying to be patient every hole, and there are good scores. Hole No. 18 and the greens, so just be patient every day, every hole, every shot, and just hit the fairway and the greens, and it's been very good.

Nine birdies, I didn't know that. It feels like, okay, let's go par, par, par and make birdie. And one par on the back nine, feels very exciting.

Q. This is your fifth start here. You've never missed a cut. What is it that you like so much about playing here at Mission Hills?
HA NA JANG: Mission Hills is very important. It's like just trying to hit straight ball, straight ball is very important. But any golf course straight ball is very important. But Mission Hills is more important to hit the straight ball. So be patient every hole, fairway and the green. Very easy to be Top 10 maybe.

Q. We know how close you are with your family. Your mom has made the trip over for the very first time. What's it like having her here with you this week?
HA NA JANG: It's my mom's coming to America for the first time, and I think that I have a good score today. So my mom's happy, looks very happy. My mom cooks every day and every night, and I'm so happy because I'm eating Korean food every day. So that's more power. And my mom she likes American people, food or weather, everything. I think she want to live here.

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