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March 29, 2018

Rose Zhang

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. You just finished on level par in your first major and the first round in a major ever. Can you tell me your first thoughts of the round?
ROSE ZHANG: My first thoughts, I think that overall I did pretty well. It was definitely an experience to remember. Teeing off on the same tees as the LPGA pros is definitely something that I've never dreamed about. But it's to have it happen this weekend is pretty amazing.

Q. It's already been quite a long week. You won the Junior Inspiration over the weekend. Is there any part of you that's tired or are you just so excited to be here?
ROSE ZHANG: There is no part of me that's tired yet. I mean because of the adrenaline going into this week and being anxious overall, playing my game with some of the best pros in the world is definitely something that I wouldn't be tired for the world.

Q. It's obviously a little bigger stage than you've ever played on, being your first major. Were you nervous out there?
ROSE ZHANG: Maybe the first hole. I had the first tee nerves, but then overall I didn't feel any nerves after that. I was just playing my game after.

Q. Highlights of the round, anything that you particularly remember or any shots or putts you holed?
ROSE ZHANG: Definitely on No. 8 and 9 I had tap-in birdies, felt really nice. I made a lot of good par saves overall on 10 and 11. And 11 I birdied, so it's pretty nice.

Q. You had a good stretch around the turn.

Q. Have you got any of your family here with you this week?
ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I've got my dad here, and I've got a couple friends that are also from California, so they just came here to watch.

Q. Does it feel good to play in front of them as well as the other crowds?
ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, it feels pretty nice.

Q. This last question, thoughts ahead of tomorrow? You're level par at the moment, so it puts you in a very good position. Have you got any ideas of a number in mind, or are you going to just try to get out there and play your game?
ROSE ZHANG: I'm just going to go out there and try to play my game. Since golf is a very up-and-down game, you don't know what kind of feel or touch you will have the next day. So I'm just going to play my own game and try to post the best score I can.

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