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March 29, 2018

Albane Valenzuela

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Didn't seem like you had very many nerves out there. Were we misreading that or did you?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: No, I was very patient on the course, very calm. I love this course. I feel really comfortable on it. So just trying to enjoy it. My brother was there trying to calm me and trying to have fun on the course today.

Q. How was that having your brother on the bag? Was it a new experience, or was it something that made you feel better out there?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I love having him on the bag, so this is our third tournament together. Played the European Am with him, U.S. Am and came up twice second. So he's always there with me, and just really good vibes with him.

Q. Major championship is a little bit of a different environment, but you've played in this event before. How is this one different?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I mean, I just try to think of it as one tournament, just play my game, stay in my own bubble, and not try to focus too much on what's going on around. So just great experience to be back here. I learned a lot two years ago, so coming back is obviously different, and I'm really excited.

Q. What classes are you missing?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: None. It's spring break, so it's a good week.

Q. Were you watching the leaderboard today?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: No, not really. I saw like at one point I was doing well. But I know looking at leaderboards doesn't help me, so I just try to stay in my own game and do the best I could.

Q. Since you missed last year's event, how much did it mean to you to get an invite back?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: It meant so much. I'm so grateful to be back here. Definitely last year I was really bummed not to be there. I played well two years ago, so I really wanted to come back. Not getting the shot last year was obviously a Bummer. But getting the experience back this year is amazing. I have no words.

Q. Did you feel more comfortable this year compared to your first time?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Definitely. So like first year was like my first major. So a lot of excitement, lot of new things. This year I also gained some length, and I feel really comfortable on the course. I'm more experienced. So, yeah. I think it's definitely better.

Q. How did you gain length?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Changed my driver and a little bit of workouts, I guess.

Q. What is the best part of your game right now?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I guess my driver and my putting were really solid. I worked a lot lately on them with my coach at Stanford. So it's finally paying off.

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