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March 28, 2018

Venus Williams

Miami, Florida

D. COLLINS/V. Williams

6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tough night?
VENUS WILLIAMS: What's the question?

Q. Did you expect that she would play so well, so consistently through the entire match?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I mean, it was unlucky for me. I don't think it was my best night of tennis, but, I mean, there wasn't a shot she couldn't make. So that was just, you know, of course one of those days.

Q. It's tough now in the wake of this to give me your feeling after losing, but does it give you any feeling at all that she also had come up playing on public courts, didn't come from a tennis culture, just fought her way up to this point?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that's most tennis players, come up on public courts (smiling).

Q. Did you have a feeling from the start of the match that it wasn't going to go your way, or did it just sort of develop as the match went on? Did you have any kind of feeling right when the match started when you started facing her? Because you probably didn't know that much about her.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, you have to play the whole match. As we know, tennis is not just one set. Of course the whole time I was trying to win the match.

Q. You had never seen her style of play before, so when you first went up against her, what was your initial impression of her?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, she played very well and aggressively, and she went for every shot and it landed. I mean, there's going to be some days where they don't land, but that wasn't today.

Q. How did you feel going into the match? Did you feel it was going to be an okay night? Did you have any feeling one way or another?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Like I said, I tried to win the match. I mean, it's not about how you feel. It's about going out to perform to win.

Q. Does it surprise you to see a player who played through college, didn't come up the regular way on tour, and all of a sudden now is having wins, having played through the college system? What do you think about that, having a player who's a college player come onto the tour at this age?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I haven't really thought about it. I don't know. I mean, there's more than one way to, what do they say, skin a cat? Is that what they say?

Yeah, so you don't have to do it the traditional way.

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