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March 29, 2018

Olafia Kristindottir

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Let's start with the hole in one. Tell us about the shot.
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: So it was 165 meters, and I hit a 5-iron. I was aiming a little bit left of the hole because it should feed toward the hole in, and I had to hit a really good shot. I was aiming at the ANA sign just behind, and, yeah. I was admiring the shot, and I didn't imagine seeing it disappear. That was a total shock to me.

Q. What was your reaction when it went in?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: As I said, I really didn't expect it to go in, so I was a bit shocked. I've never had a hole in one before, so it's never happened to me. But it was really fun. Gary gave me a huge high five, and everybody was just cheering. It was awesome.

Q. So this one's extra special. You won a pair of first class tickets anywhere in the world. What was your reaction when you found that out?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: So, yeah, I was thinking if it was a hole that had a price, and then they said there's cars and there are other things. So I didn't know. But, yeah, I was lucky. It's awesome.

Q. Where do you think you're going to go?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: I have no idea, but definitely somewhere nice. I really like Asia.

Q. So you're engaged. Is it possible to use this with Thomas to go on a nice honeymoon maybe?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: Honeymoon, so, because we travel so much, I don't think we would want to go very far for our honeymoon, but it will definitely come in handy.

Q. When is the wedding?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: End of December, off-season.

Q. Oh, very nice. Where is it?

Q. So maybe you can use it to go home?

Q. You also had an eagle today. Tell us about the eagle.
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: That was a great drive, and a really good distance for my hybrid, and I just hit a nice little fade. Put it six meters away from the pin, like 18 feet and just rolled it in on these pure greens.

Q. So you've played Q-School out here before, but this is your first start at the ANA. How was your first day out there even par?
OLAFIA KRISTINSDOTTIR: Yeah, I started off a bit tough start. Then on the back nine we had to wait a bit, so I also had a little rough time on 11 and 12, but I mean, I think I learned a lot today because, as you said, I've never been here, and I'm not sure how they set up the course. It definitely got faster the more we played.

In the beginning of the day it was nice and damp with greens, and then on the back nine it was kind of a shock. But it's very good, yeah.

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