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March 29, 2018

Ayako Uehara

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Matching your low round of 2018 so far. What was it that was the key to your success out there today?
AYAKO UEHARA: The beginning I had a three-putt, and I kind of played tight. But after I played from the back nine, and then 18 I made a good birdie. Then from there, three in a row, I made a birdie, birdie, birdie. So maybe I changed the mood, and I got a good finish.

Q. Your best finish came back in your rookie year here in 2013, so you kind of struggled over the years. What's been the difference here today?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually, I changed coach, and also this week he came over and did a little bit of work. And now I have confidence, and my short is pretty good and putting good, so, yeah.

Q. Who is your coach, and when did you make the switch?
AYAKO UEHARA: Ted Oh, and I changed last year in the summer.

Q. What are some of the things that you've been working on together?
AYAKO UEHARA: Everything overall, short, chip, putt, everything.

Q. Last year at Evian you had a chance to win a major. How helpful will that be to you here?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually, after Evian I didn't win, but I got a good experience. I think that helped. Then I got a good score in a major this year.

Q. How did it help you?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually last year 15th hole I did par 3. I got double bogey, but we thought like a good (Indiscernible), but then I had adrenaline and then ball flew.

Q. So you learned how to control your emotions?

Q. Did that make you hungrier or more confident to win a major?
AYAKO UEHARA: Actually, little nervous, but, yeah, I have confidence too. So I think that's a good combination. So I want to keep doing well from tomorrow.

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