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March 25, 2018

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. One of those days when you try to make a putt there when it doesn't mean anything. Tough day out there for you?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, just didn't play very well. And Bubba played really well. So that's a pretty bad combination in match play.

Q. Good luck this afternoon.

Q. What was the biggest difference from yesterday to today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just worse golf. I didn't play well today. I had a really hard time getting focused and being worried about my match as opposed to things that can happen and thinking about potentially this afternoon. But I just didn't play well and Bubba played really well.

Q. How do you regroup and get into the consolation match?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It will be hard, but I just need to get over the fact that I just lost and just go in and get some food and try to regroup a little bit. Because I wasn't in the best mojo out there. Wasn't hitting very good shots. And wasn't taking advantage of opportunities. I made some good putts to even stay where I was, but, man, I hit a lot of good putts that just burned the edge out there.

Q. How tough is it when you lose like that? Tell us your thoughts about it.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It doesn't matter how you lose, it's tough.

Q. Tell us your thoughts about the consolation match this afternoon.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, the difference of third and fourth in any tournament, let alone a tournament with WGC, like this, is a big deal, a lot of points, a lot of World Ranking points, a lot of money.

So I just need to go out this afternoon and try to get a little bit better flow of things and try to build some momentum going into Augusta.

Q. What were you trying to do on 12, just hit a little cut?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, just hit a straight one the right edge of the green, I just pulled it a bit.

Q. There was a lot of talk about what was at stake. Are you more bummed losing right now because you've just lost the semifinal or because you missed the chance to be No. 1?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't know, I haven't had such a hard time not thinking about something so much. And that really sucked. I couldn't stop thinking about it, to be perfectly honest. And I think you're constantly getting questions about it with the media. But I need to be mentally stronger than that, and understand that it's just a match.

But at the end of the day, obviously I didn't play very well, but I definitely didn't give him the match. He made a lot of birdies out there and played well enough to be deserving to be in the final match.

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