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March 25, 2018

Kevin Kisner

Austin, Texas

Q. Great tenacity you've shown. You stayed in the match and ultimately how did you get the win?
KEVIN KISNER: It was a tough match. He kept hitting it in there close. And if he probably would have made any of those putts, it would have been tough to come back from. Hung in there and made putts when I needed to and was fortunate to get a win and go to the playoff.

Q. Taking on Bubba Watson. How much do you know about his game and what do you expect from him as a competitor?
KEVIN KISNER: I guess all you say is Go Dawgs on that one, right?

Q. Former Georgia Bulldog.
KEVIN KISNER: We'll have a good time. And see if I can drive it within a hundred yards of him.

Q. You've played some unbelievable golf. Your game is firing on all cylinders, isn't it?
KEVIN KISNER: It's been good. I made a lot of birdies, that's what you've got to do in these matches to have a chance to win. Glad to finish it off and hopefully go out and make a bunch more.

Q. You've got Bubba Watson. A Georgia Bulldog final. For those back in Europe, it probably doesn't mean a whole lot. Any thoughts about going into this match against Bubba? I know you guys are pals, but this is for real stuff, here. We're talking lots of points and lots of cash.
KEVIN KISNER: For sure. We're going to put all our might into this one, for sure. We'll have fun while we do it. I hope I make a bunch of putts and keep it within a hundred yards of him.

Q. He missed some really close birdie putts to keep you alive in this thing. And then we're standing on the 12th green when this match turned, when you made that eagle and then you won it here?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, 12 has been good for me today. Hopefully I can win it again this afternoon. He kept stuffing it in there close. And at some point I hoped he would miss a few, and he did. It kept the momentum going for me and kept me in the game. And I was fortunate enough to hang in there coming down the stretch.

Q. Thoughts on playing Bubba Watson, two Bulldogs in the championship match.
KEVIN KISNER: We'll have a good time and I'm sure we'll try to kick each other's butt and I'll just try to drive within a hundred yards of him.

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