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March 25, 2018

Kevin Kisner

Austin, Texas

Q. Battled here this last few holes to stay in this match. What happened early on? You just didn't seem to have the game that you had this morning.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I don't know what was going on. It was just pitiful. I couldn't hit anywhere close to where I was trying. Long week. A little tired, probably. Lose some legs, and just didn't have it. And finally made a few good swings coming in, but those were too little, too late.

Q. I know you were struggling with your game coming here, but what kind of positives do you leave with here with big tournaments coming up?
KEVIN KISNER: This afternoon I've just got to forget and go back to working on the things that got me this far in the tournament. And hope for a big year.

Q. Anyone who's ever played this game for a living has had a day like this. They're no fun. Was there a point where you said, ah-oh? And where was that point?
KEVIN KISNER: Probably when I drove the ball in the front and I looked up and it was about 50 yards right and I was like what in the world is going on.

Looking forward to a couple of weeks in Augusta.

Q. I would have to imagine, other than today's match, what a very positive week. And with Augusta in your sight, what is it you think you need to do to really get geared up there?
KEVIN KISNER: I guess I need to figure out what happened this afternoon, wherever I'm at. Get back to what I was doing early in the week and continue working hard on it.

Q. Unfortunately this was an afternoon you'd like to forget. But every time you looked up, it seemed like the golf ball wasn't going where you wanted it to. Fatigue or anything like that or just sheer dumb luck?
KEVIN KISNER: I don't know what to call it right now. I just know it wasn't right. It was right all the way up until the second tee ball, and then I just didn't know what was going on. I'm just going to forget about this afternoon and go back to working on things that got me here.

Q. How do you look at it? We talked a little bit about it to our viewers. When you're out in a position like that and inexplicably it just leaves you. And I know it's a sinking feeling. We've all been there, done that. How do you right the ship, if possible?
KEVIN KISNER: I was trying to stick to my game plan, just keep grinding on my golf swing. Oh, well, it went left and right, not straight. I don't know what else to say besides that. And the weird thing was I was hitting them solid. It wasn't like mis-hits. One of those deals, maybe tired, long week, 72 holes in two days has got a lot to do with it. I hadn't played that much out here. Keep grinding and keep working.

Q. Golf is such a fickle game.
KEVIN KISNER: I guess we could all just call it golf. I felt decent teeing off on the first hole, and then it totally left me for about six or seven holes. I don't know what it was attributed to, but I'll keep working and keep getting better.

Q. You have a smile on your face, why is that?
KEVIN KISNER: I get to go home to two beautiful kids -- I love them a lot -- who don't care if I won or not.

Q. You came here searching for your game. Does this inject some confidence as you move forward now?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I was loaded with confidence going into today. And I've just got to forget this 12 holes and get back to working on the things that got me here.

Q. Compared to the morning round and the afternoon round, what happened?
KEVIN KISNER: I don't know. What do we say? We call it golf for a reason. It was just pitiful, man, I couldn't hit anything where I was looking and just giving away holes with bogeys. That's just not what you need to do when you've got a chance to win a major golf championship.

Q. What's that feeling like out on the golf course when you think you're hitting a shot and look up and the ball is not going where you think it's supposed to go?

Q. Lonely?
KEVIN KISNER: Lonely. Make everybody excited that's pulling for Bubba and not me. I don't know, it was not fun, though, that's for sure.

Q. You did say -- walking from the 7th green to the 8th tee, you smiled at me, and I'm not doing too good?
KEVIN KISNER: I was trying to keep a good attitude, but it was tough. Just a long week, and I was probably worn out a little bit and a little fatigue. Once it started going bad, no way to right the ship.

Q. I was going to ask about that, two rounds played on Saturday after three rounds starting Wednesday. By that final round, even if it's the championship match, what do the legs feel like?

Q. Really?
KEVIN KISNER: Oh, yeah. Walking 15 miles the last couple of days. They don't feel great. But that's why we train.

Q. This is very true. What's the positive you're going to take from this week?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, I played a lot of great golf to get there. Beat a lot of great players. And saw some strides in my game that I haven't seen all year. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

Q. Next week?

Q. How much are you going to sleep?
KEVIN KISNER: My kids won't let me sleep, are you kidding me? They're jumping on my bed at 7:30 tomorrow.

Q. Kind of ironic, the kids don't care how you do at a golf tournament. But that's what makes it good.
KEVIN KISNER: That's right.

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