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March 25, 2018

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

JUSTIN THOMAS: In the end it might be a good thing going to Augusta without that. I get to go do what I was going to do and let DJ have all that pressure.

Q. You were a guy who was used to winning out here on the PGA Tour. What is it like for you to walk away without the trophy on Sunday when you had a chance? And what do you learn walking away from a championship like this?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I was really trying to play well here. This was a tournament that I really struggled in the last two years. A golf course that I hadn't played well at. I had two good rounds and got by on the other ones, so I finally had some success here, which was nice.

It's really hard this morning knowing that you're going to have two matches, and one of them is going to be what you want to be in and one of them isn't. When you can't get it done, all of us out here playing for the same thing, we want to win a tournament and when we can't it's a bummer. But Bubba was tough to beat this morning, that's for sure.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN THOMAS: I was glad to finally play well here. It's been a while. I guess I never have. Two years and never make it out of my group. Having a chance this morning to get to the finals, which should have been pretty cool. That was a bummer playing as poorly as I did this morning, and I just kind of ran out of gas this afternoon. It was a pretty easy match for Alex, we were both pretty tired out there.

Q. No rest for you. Going straight to Augusta. How do you prepare for the Masters?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Get some rest. I'm going to go play these next two days, and that round tomorrow probably won't be as productive as it was going to be. For some reason I'll probably have more adrenaline and be more excited to get going out there, no matter how many times I play there, I always get so excited to go. I'll have two productive days of work and hang out with some good friends and try to learn some new things about the course, go home and get some rest and get ready.

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