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March 25, 2018

Alex Noren

Austin, Texas

ALEX NOREN: A little bit of anger that we didn't win this morning. It's great we played for a lot of points this afternoon, too. Especially where I lost in the playoff, but I'm happy with the way I played.

The game is better, and I'm looking forward to the Masters.

Q. For those of us who enjoy the sport from outside the ropes, when you're in this format, a championship like this, what's the pressure like?
ALEX NOREN: I think it's more pressure, I feel a bit more tense. I don't like walk alongside my caddie, and I also want to get to my ball, see what the lie is, I want to see what the other guy's lie is. It feels like such a playoff feel.

Q. So you're worn out, you need a little bit of rest. Where does your game stack up right now against everybody else?
ALEX NOREN: I think it's so much better this year overall. My tee to green has been so much better; that is what I'm most happy about. I've always kind of had a better short game and the putting. It's such a relief playing golf that way, instead of trying to -- I'm happy with that. I'm happy and a little bit calmer now.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ALEX NOREN: I'm very pleased with the way I played. It's been a long week. There's a lot of pressure. I feel the pressure. So I'm happy. I was very, very sad after this morning's loss. I thought I had it. But that's the way it goes sometimes. It's been a good week. I was very angry this morning after the loss. I really thought I had some great opportunities on the back nine to take the lead. But it didn't happen. And then he rolled some good putts. Yeah, I was devastated after that loss. It was one of the hardest losses probably ever for me.

And then coming out this afternoon, it feels just kind of weird that there's a lot to play for and I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. Your head's in a bad place but you have to come out because you're playing arguably the best player in the world at the moment. To get a victory over him, it must be pleasing.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it's very pleasing. And if somebody said at the start of the week, it would have been nice to take that. But, yeah, he's a great player and I played steady today. It's great to play against the best, especially to beat them.

Q. A couple of weeks on, what are your thoughts heading into the Masters?
ALEX NOREN: It's going to be nice. It's perfect for me. I gained a lot of confidence from this week. Match play is tough. You're trying your hardest on every shot. It's a good warmup.

It feels good to have a week off now and recharge my batteries and kind of see my coaches and fine tune what wasn't going so well this week, and then work on what's going well. I'm looking forward to the Masters.

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