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March 24, 2018

Ian Poulter

Austin, Texas

IAN POULTER: I think the word is disappointed. I gave him no fight at all. It was rubbish. It's a shame is all it is. I didn't give him any fight at all. Real shame.

Q. In such a stark contrast to the way you played the rest of the week, can you explain it?
IAN POULTER: No, not really. It's bizarre. Bizarre. A couple of poor shots early on. A couple of shots going left. And that was disappointing. Just didn't have it this afternoon. It's a real shame.

Q. And obviously the implications are, just the way the other results have gone, you come up a fraction short in terms of the Masters.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I guess I should never listen to other people. When you finish a round of golf and the press and everybody telling you you're in the Masters, and then you get a text message ten minutes before you tee off to correct everybody, to say, oh, we've made a mistake, actually, no, that was wrong, you're not in. You need to go and win. Not that that's an excuse or any form or factor, it's a little disappointing.

I asked three times, four times, are you sure, are you sure, are you sure?

Yeah, you're definitely in.

No, I'm not definitely in. So next time I won't listen to other people. I'll do my bit and focus better.

Q. But definitely not a factor in this afternoon?
IAN POULTER: I don't think so. I mean I can't put that down as an excuse. It would be an excuse if I said it. So it's disappointing to be given the wrong information, but that's -- that wasn't any part of this afternoon.

Q. You're going to head to Houston next week, and give it one last crack?
IAN POULTER: I don't know yet, I haven't decided. I'm tired. It's been a long week. It's been a draining week. I don't know. I'll wait until Monday night and if I have the energy then I will.

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