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March 24, 2018

Perrine Delacour

Carlsbad, California

Q. Tell me about your round today. What was the key?
PERRINE DELACOUR: So I putted really well. I low (indiscernible), especially on the last one. I hit a rock to get in instead of the water. Push me back on the green, so it was lucky.

But basically my putting was really well.

Q. Did you feel really good coming into this week?
PERRINE DELACOUR: Yes and no. I feel confidence because I made the cut last week, and no because I always miss the cut on these tournaments, so it's the first time since three years I play on the weekend, which I'm happy about it.

Q. Wow. So what do you think is the difference?
PERRINE DELACOUR: I have more confidence in my game and my putting, too, so I think it's more about that.

I had a lot of confidence in my driving, so I think the key on this week is to more be patient on the green and having a good driving helps a lot.

Q. Is that something you worked on in the off-season?
PERRINE DELACOUR: Driving I had -- last year was already good so I didn't work a lot, I try to stay more patient and not like miss any putt and be patient, put a good roll on it, because the green this week are so bumpy.

So if you're starting to like complain about the green it's going to be hard week. A long week, too.

Q. Do you like this course?
PERRINE DELACOUR: It's a good course, yeah.

Q. What do you like about San Diego?
PERRINE DELACOUR: Actually, I don't have a lot of time to went out and everything. I drove from Phoenix to here and I rest a lot. I don't have really time about it.

It's a good view. I went to the beach Wednesday night. It's really pretty.

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