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March 23, 2018

Vincent Edwards

Carsen Edwards

Matt Painter

Boston, Massachusetts

Texas Tech - 78, Purdue - 65

THE MODERATOR: Purdue is here. We're joined by head coach Matt Painter, sophomore Carsen Edwards, senior Vincent Edwards. Coach will begin with an opening statement, and we'll take questions for Coach and the student-athletes.

MATT PAINTER: Congrats, obviously, to Texas Tech. For us, we really played in spurts today, just really never got that consistency. We'd make a couple positive plays, and we just couldn't get that consistency on both ends. Some of those empty possessions really hurt us where we weren't getting a shot at all, and that was probably the hardest thing for us, where they were getting in transition, getting the layups and the dunks. That's what we really talked about was trying our best to prevent that, making them earn baskets outside of the paint.

They're a very talented team, very athletic team, very well coached, good defensive team, and they obviously got the best of us today. So congratulations to Texas Tech.

Q. Coach, Carsen hit some big tough shots in the second half, but it seemed like you guys were having some trouble finding looks. What was Texas Tech doing well defensively, especially around the perimeter?
MATT PAINTER: They just swarm the basketball. They make it hard on you to get the ball in the paint. Carsen did a good job of breaking them down and getting in the paint, and it wasn't that we weren't at other times. We just couldn't finish some plays. We had a couple good looks, and then we just tried to be on the same page, just pass it and catch it.

They're a very good defensive team. If you look at their numbers, they're one of the top four or five teams in defensive efficiency in the country. So it speaks for itself coming from a league as good as the Big 12.

Q. Vincent, you guys got it down to one there early in the second half. What stifled the momentum for you guys, and what was that big run to break things open?
VINCENT EDWARDS: Just like he said, empty possessions. We had to take care of the ball and didn't do that. Some miscues and not really connected as a team. Just some things didn't go right -- had too many turnovers, got them out on transition. They were able to get dunks, layups. So I think that's what changed the momentum right there.

THE MODERATOR: Purdue, thank you for your time. Congratulations on a great season.

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