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March 23, 2018

Brian Harman

Austin, Texas

Q. Some thoughts on the match.
BRIAN HARMAN: I played really well. Rory didn't have his best day. I kept pressure on him all day. Hit a lot of fairways and greens, made a few putts. Just I had one X on No. 12. Other than that, played really well.

Q. This is your first time in this event. Clearly this is a format that you like. Have you found yourself getting more and more into it as the week has gone by?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, the first match, I was very nervous. I hadn't played match play in so long, other than just playing around at home. It was hard to get back into it. After that first match, I felt much more comfortable yesterday and even more comfortable today.

Q. Do you remember when the last time you had played match play?
BRIAN HARMAN: Probably the Walker Cup, 2009, in a tournament. Even like -- we just don't play any.

Q. I assume you like match play. Did your juices for liking match play come back right away?
BRIAN HARMAN: It took a little while. The first match I felt sluggish and was nervous and tight. Started hitting some better shots and hit some really good shots yesterday to kind of finish the match off. And pretty much played good start to finish today.

Q. Is there something you take from a tournament when you are playing somebody like Rory? I'm specifically talking about the distance. There was a couple of -- the fact you were able to compete and win like you did?
BRIAN HARMAN: I think it's easier when a guy hits it that far, you know that you can't keep up with him. It almost forces you to play your own game because if a guy is like 10 by you, it's tough because you want to -- but if you know he's going to knock it 20 or 30 yards past you, you don't worry about it.

Q. Was 13 a key moment when you saw him? You waited all that time and saw him?
BRIAN HARMAN: I'm probably about a half shot underdog on that hole to start with. With the wind in, I can't carry it 290 to get it to the green. He can. So to flip that hole and win that hole is probably what did him in.

Q. Have you always not been as long as the other players even from your days as a kid?
BRIAN HARMAN: It's weird, the way it's happened out here. My rookie year, I averaged 289, 290 off the tee. I was like 70th. My rookie year I remember people saying Brian is a little guy, but he hits it pretty far. Top 70, that's pretty good.

This year I'm 292 off the tee and I'm 144th. So I've gotten longer but just the perception is completely different now. So I'm hitting it further than I was sneaky long and now apparently I don't hit it anywhere. Just more guys, more guys that hit it from that 295 to 310. If I'm at 290, it's not like -- I'm not giving up monstrous yards. Rory is a freak. Rory is an absolute freak. No one hits it as far as that guy when he wants it.

Q. And DJ?
BRIAN HARMAN: No one hits it as far as Rory when he wants it. When he wants it, there's no one that hits it as far. No one that can carry it like he can carry it.

Q. Is there a goofy feeling, the fact that you have actually won this week, you got out of your pool, that is a victory, but you haven't won -- is there a high and low that you have to deal with?
BRIAN HARMAN: I'm glad that I'm done early today. It's going to be -- I'll have this afternoon to kind of let that wear off. It is, once you beat a guy like Rory, I have won, right, I won the whole tournament. No, that is not how that works.

Q. Did you know the scenarios of what you needed to do today versus what needed to happen in your pod?
BRIAN HARMAN: I did. I knew if I won, I would keep going.

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