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March 23, 2018

Charles Howell III

Austin, Texas

Q. Another good day. Just comment a little bit about your match out there today and advancing.
CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, it was interesting playing a guy that had nothing to lose. I knew he would be quite aggressive and could go at a lot of stuff, maybe work for it a bit.

Towards the end of the day, I was watching the Mickelson match up in front, nice to avoid a playoff with Phil because that's just sometimes a boxing ring you don't want to jump in to more than you have to. Was fortunate to get by.

Q. When you look at your record here, I think for the first eight times you didn't make it to the weekend. Now you've made it to the weekend twice. Is it the format that you like or is it -- have you just become more comfortable with playing match play?
CHARLES HOWELL III: I like the golf course. I like the golf course guy a lot, actually. We played here in college. And so I had seen it before. Had a little bit of familiarity with it. And then it's match play. I think the same reasons I didn't make it first eight times is why I made the last couple is because it's crazy. You just don't ever know. Playing Phil Mickelson the first round, in a way I have got nothing to lose in that match. He's the favorite there. He just won the previous WGC. Match play kind of lends itself to a little bit of that where straight up stroke play tournament wouldn't.

Q. How good does it feel, you win your bracket or your pod and you advance to the round of 16? How big of a boost is that for you?
CHARLES HOWELL III: It's obviously good for everybody to advance. But for me, I'm trying to play my way into the Masters and I know I need a big week to do that. This is sort of our last chance to do it. That's in the back of my mind as well.

Q. Are you playing Houston?
CHARLES HOWELL III: I am, yes. I could -- right.

Q. But as far as the Top-50 goes, any idea what you need to do this week?
CHARLES HOWELL III: I don't. I was actually going to ask you that.

Q. I think it's top 4. I think you need to make it to Sunday.
CHARLES HOWELL III: There you go. So that's great news. Knowing that I need a big week here to get through, obviously is massive. In match play, I have got a heck of a player tomorrow and he's had a nice year so far. I feel like I'm the underdog in that match. I have got nothing to lose and I like that.

Q. What is the mindset with a week like this where you are thinking about the Masters? Obviously it's always good to win and advance in a tournament like this. What is the pressure like? How do you balance all those emotions?
CHARLES HOWELL III: In a way it takes some of the pressure off because I know I need such a big week to get into Augusta. A day like today, when I had it in my control to advance, I felt a bit of pressure out there today to get through it. Being 2 & 0, I didn't want to mess this up. I was fortunate to get through it.

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