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March 23, 2018

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. Is it a matter of just being more in form than being a good match play player?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I think it is. Because I would like to think and hope I'm a good match play player. The thing is, I think a lot of people just look at my record here, but I've played really well in a lot of U.S. Amateurs, U.S. Juniors, and before the professional level. But I also -- I was also in format those events, as well.

I feel like I'm getting there to this week. It doesn't matter if it's stroke play or match play to beat the people or person you're playing against, you just need to play better than them.

Q. Can you talk about those struggles in match play the last two years? What's made you more comfortable this week on the scores?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I just was playing worse the last couple of years, so that's about all there is. But a course like this the more you play it, just the better it is, because the wind can be so severe. You get to some holes like 4 or like 17 where you can't feel the wind off left and you know it's going to hammer it as soon as the ball gets up in the air or sometimes it gets swirling down on 3 and you have to wait until the wind stops and gets to where you want it. It's a tricky little course that you can make a lot of birdies on. But at the same time you get wind like it is today and probably this weekend, pars are going to win some holes.

Q. Do you feel good, though?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I feel great. It's been tough, the beginning of the week because of the throat. The wisdom teeth. I planned that far prior to this tournament so I would feel all right. It's just as soon as I got over that something else came up.

But, yeah, I'm still taking my medicine and I'm feeling about back to normal and feeling great. So I'm just happy to get through my group more importantly than anything.

Q. What kind of feeling is that to go 3-0 with your group, dominate today? How good are you feeling heading into the weekend, how much more energy do you have?
JUSTIN THOMAS: The same as the other 16 guys that are going to get through, we all start at the same place. If it's a stroke play event I could have taken it pretty deep today and made a lot of ground up. When it's 7 and 6 and 1-up is the exact same thing. I just have to start over and relax the rest of the day and get ready for hopefully a long day tomorrow.

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