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March 23, 2018

Ian Poulter

Austin, Texas

Q. I guess people don't necessarily want to win in that kind of fashion, but even so it's the outcome that you were most definitely looking for?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I needed to get something out of the match. Obviously 3-up playing 9 and a strange finish. I was just over the back of the green in 2, trickled down stiff. Had missed his putt. I was walking off the green and turned around and he said, Listen, I can't go anymore holes.

He's obviously got some kind of an issue going on. He called his physio down by the 6th green. He got some treatment on the 8th tee.

So you never like to win in that fashion. Obviously you want to take it as far as you need to take it to obviously win your match. But I had control in that match. I felt pretty good. Hopefully he comes back pretty soon.

Q. You were firmly in charge and the putter was performing very nicely as well at times?
IAN POULTER: Yeah. I holed a couple of nice putts. So that's starting to feel real good. The better that thing starts to feel in my hands, the better I am on the golf course. My mindset. And I can enjoy some golf.

Phase one done. We're now obviously straight match play from here on out. This round-robin thing in the groups is very strange. I don't know if I like it. Obviously I've come through it, but it is strange. You win two matches and you are still not sure. So we have got the job done, but there's a long way to go. Four more matches hopefully to contend with and hopefully I can come out on top.

Q. A lot riding on that last match?
IAN POULTER: Yes, there is, I think.

Q. Bearing in mind the week after next and Augusta National?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I just got goose bumps. Obviously I want to make it. There's no secret. The form I'm in, I feel like I can really enjoy Augusta. But I need to get there.

So whomever I'm going to play, I don't know yet, I'm going to have to be 100 percent focused, get the job done and obviously try and advance.

Q. I know there are wider implications and you would desperately love to win this title again, but does that simple fact that the Masters boils down to this particular match act as an extra inspiration?
IAN POULTER: I think it goes beyond that, to be honest. I know -- I'm staring four potential matches in the face here. If I can get through those four matches, I think there's a bigger picture, which I obviously want to make as well.

I feel good. The putter is warming up. Hopefully I can do my job over the weekend and have an interesting few weeks.

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