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March 23, 2018

Patrick Reed

Austin, Texas

Q. As much went into this, did you get excited for this match as everyone else seemed to?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, I mean, of course it was exciting to play Jordan. Really I think no matter who you are playing, when it's a literally a winner-move-on format, you are going to get excited about it.

It was just one of those days that with how the conditions were, it wasn't fun. I mean, with how windy it was, it was hard -- it was a grinder's day out there. You weren't going to see a ton of birdies. There's going to be just who doesn't make some mistakes, who's able to grind out some pars and maybe make a birdie here or there.

Q. You really embraced, I guess for lack of a better term, the road team mentality today. Going out there and taking on Jordan here in Austin. Did you find that working for you mentally?
PATRICK REED: There were a lot of Jordan cheers going on, which I expect. He went to college here and everything. It was awesome that not only were so many of them cheering for Jordan, but at the same time they were very respectful. They never crossed that line. That's awesome to see.

Being a Texan, to see that from other Texans, it's awesome. It very easily can go the other way. You can get really rowdy and cross that line. The fans were great today and they were respectful in both sides and were cheering for good shots no matter who hit them.

Q. Tell us about the putt on 17, the clincher.
PATRICK REED: I was just thinking to myself, just get it to the hole. Worst case scenario, you have an uphill putt coming back. Just kind of the range I had, I'm sitting there thinking two putts to win the match. Just happened to be the perfect line. Thank God because that thing was moving.

Q. (No microphone)?
PATRICK REED: The one on 1 surprised me. The one on 2, it looked like he was standing on a rock when he was over there. It was kind of an awkward stance. You miss that by a yard left and get right in the wind. Easy to hit that one left. That one didn't surprise me as much as the one on 1. That's just one of those things. With how the conditions are, with how windy it is, you have to maximize when someone makes a mistake. I was able to do that and I was able to minimize my mistakes pretty good.

Q. Then he had that 3-putt on 6?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, you know, the 3-putt on 6 didn't surprise me as much because he's 110, 120 feet away up a huge ridge, double breaking, it's blowing 30 out. That one, you can expect someone to 3-putt. Really it was just kind of grinder's day out there.

Q. Jordan said he felt the momentum swing to you on 13. Did you feel that too?
PATRICK REED: Yeah. I mean, I feel like did momentum for most of the front nine. I felt like that putt he made on 7 kind of tried to switch it back but I was able to bring it right back on 8. Those two wedge shots he hit on 9 and 10, I felt like the momentum switched his way. To go ahead and win 11 and to kind of capitalize on 13 like that, I felt like from that point on all the momentum was in my favor.

Q. How big was that shot?
PATRICK REED: It was really good. With wind hard off the right and into like that, with the ball way above my feet, from the fairway with a wedge, it's very easy for me to hit that one left. To hold that one off and hit it straight and control it on the green was nice to see.

Q. (No microphone)?
PATRICK REED: My bag is set. I love the way the golf bag is set up. I feel like this is the setup that I need moving forward. As long as nothing breaks or anything happens, any freak accidents or anything like that, this is my setup.

Q. You weren't wearing black (no microphone)?
PATRICK REED: I had this shirt with white pants. I was sitting there going, I'm not going to wear white pants. I have been wearing black all week, so I'll just wear black pants. For a long week like this, you have to grab whatever you have that you bring on the road. You don't have that many options.

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