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March 23, 2018

Matt Kuchar

Austin, Texas

Q. Trying to make it twice in the last five years, Matt Kuchar, winner in 2013. You're getting yourself finished and moving on to the weekend. How were you able to do this in such a dominating fashion today?
MATT KUCHAR: I had Chris O'Connell come in town from Dallas, my instructor. We put in some really good work. I wasn't in the best of form leading up to this week. But getting a couple of days in with him I feel like my game is really rounding into some good shape, particularly with the windy conditions the way they are, you have to be able to strike the ball well. I'm awfully pleased with the how I've been hitting it.

Q. We've got to talk to you about the hole-in-one. We don't have a monitor here, but you lived it?
MATT KUCHAR: The pin was tucked to the right. There's a little slope that works left to the right and straight downwind. The whole goal was to hit an 8-iron up in the air, my standard fade on it. Right from the get-go I thought it was going to be a good shot. And once it landed I knew it had a chance to trickle in. Pretty cool to watch it the whole way, watch it disappear. I know my boys would have gone crazy to see it. They're always on me about hole-in-ones, and that was certainly a good time to have one.

Q. Curious, when you guys bring in instructors at this level this late in the week, what does that mean as far as what you're trying to do and what you're thinking about doing, not only for this week, but for the next few weeks?
MATT KUCHAR: He came in Monday, and we've had sessions kind of every day. And just continue to clean things up. Golf is a funny game, you're always just tweaking a little bit to try to improve the striking and make things better. Certainly a lot of us have eyes two weeks from now. But this is a big week to be here, World Golf Championship, the match play event. Want to perform well and keep some momentum going on to Augusta.

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