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March 23, 2018

Hee Young Park

Carlsbad, California

Q. You finished a great round. After the first round and second round, can you tell us what went right today?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Like most my shot was pretty great, but today, if I compare first round and second round, compare by short putting, kind of like missed it a little bit, little by little, not really off.

So kind of frustrated, but I still made a good eagle beginning the par-5, and that was good momentum. So I kind of kept to make the good holes rest of the after eagle, yep.

Q. You said yesterday the putting was good; today you shot the eagle. What are you going to take into tomorrow's round?
HEE YOUNG PARK: I'm going to do same, repeat it, and like do some pre-practice a little bit with the putting and distance stuff.

And then I'm going to feet up and drink some like IPA. Here is San Diego, so drink some cool local beer and like preparing weekend.

Q. How have you been enjoying your time in San Diego?
HEE YOUNG PARK: So far like lovely course and lovely area. Like nice ocean view and like air is so fresh. Make me like even less tired. I think so. Makes air so fresh. Feels great here.

Q. You played really well last week, too. Recently have you figured something out?
HEE YOUNG PARK: I been working on my contact, so I kind of try to too much skill, like fade, draw, other like special shots, rather than like kind of last couple weeks working on compression and like hit the compact. More how to hit the ball well.

So keep it simple. More basic stuff I been working on it, that that's make me like even dry weather or rainy day or windy day, makes me more confidence.

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