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March 23, 2018

Cristie Kerr

Carlsbad, California

Q. Cristie Kerr, 8-under par round two. When you got started today did you think that kind of number was out there?
CRISTIE KERR: I mean, we had better greens today, so...

I'm trying not to put limits on myself right now. I've got some good things going on with my swing. Obviously by the last shot, the last hole, you see I still need to work on it. Had a great round.

I try just to not put limits on myself.

Q. I think I ask you this question every year. What is about Aviara that suits you so much?
CRISTIE KERR: I don't think you can fall asleep on one shot. Like it's a really good golf course.

I mean, I think I play better on courses that demand the focus, so I think that's why I've played well here in the past.

Q. Some of us commentators were on a conference call about ANA next week. We were asked about you specifically. Increasingly you dominate the game, and how do you stay so consistently competitive out here. What is it about you that drives you at this point in your career?
CRISTIE KERR: I like winning. I like challenging myself. Definitely doesn't get any easier as you get older with the travel and recovery time. I got up this morning and I'm like, Man, why does my hamstring hurt? From working around this hilly golf course.

The golf ball doesn't know an age. I've always said that. As long as I stay hungry, going to just keep playing.

Q. Just want to ask you a little bit about the golf course. Is it an eye thing?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, this course definitely fits my eye. I mean, you have to try to do as good with every shot here as you can. There is rough on this golf course. The greens are challenging.

I kind of fell asleep on my last iron a little there, but I focused so well all day. That's what this course demands.

Q. They talked on this conference call this morning about your green reading. You're as good a green reader as anybody. Does that help you out here?
CRISTIE KERR: I think it does. I think it does. Yeah, I can see the subtleties that a lot of people can't. It's a gift from God being able to do that. I've always had that, so I'm lucky.

Q. You mentioned a little bit about it getting easier or harder through time.
CRISTIE KERR: I don't think the golf changes. I think physically it gets harder as you get older. Like I said, I've got tape on my hamstring. I like strained my hamstring just minorly a little bit yesterday walking around this golf course.

It's tough as you get older just being fresh and rested. I put more focus into that as I've gotten older. I still practice, but off the course I try to get more rest.

Q. A 64; that's better than the 65 you shot here when you won.

Q. How great does it feel?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, that's true. I beat that score. Feels great. Still room for improvement. Not trying to be perfect, but I played great today.

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