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March 22, 2018

Jackie Stoelting

Carlsbad, California

Q. Jackie Stoelting on Day one of the Kia Classic, a 66. I'm having déjà vu. I think we did this at the exact same time at this event last year. What is it about this course that you love so much?
JACKIE STOELTING: I don't know, to be honest. Must just suit my game. I hit a lot of fairways. I don't necessarily hit if far, but keeping is in the fairway is super key this week. The rough is much thicker this year than last year.

The greens are so big that I think I really tried to narrow my focus and worry about right around the pin. They were soft, so I was able to fire at pins. Just a really good day.

Q. You struggled a little bit here to start the year but now the low round of the year so far. What do you feel like kind of changed here today?
JACKIE STOELTING: Last week I made the cut. I shot 5-under after two rounds and kind of didn't do very well on the weekend.

Just staying patient knowing that my game is there. Just having a lot of confidence. Doing really well with my husband on the bag, so that's always good.

Q. You had quite a year, really up and down season. Also undergoing a hernia injury as well and having physical therapy. How are you feeling now?
JACKIE STOELTING: I feel great. I did six weeks of physical therapy; took about five weeks off in October. Decided not to go to Q-School. I had conditional status. It kind of led right up to Q-School with my therapy, and I just thought it would be better off for me to take that time off.

I kept going to my physical therapist three times a week to just get stronger and make sure that I can prevent injury, and I feel great.

I do have my ankle taped up. On Monday morning I woke up and my Achilles was bothering me. I think with it being hilly out here it's easy to -- I guess with all the different terrain that my ankles were not really feeling that great, so got it taped up and it feels good.

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