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March 22, 2018

Alex Noren

Austin, Texas

Q. Second consecutive win of the week. I suppose let's jump straight into it. How important is a fast start -- it is all the time, but in match play? Because this was a bit special.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I laid up to try to get some spin on the ball because there's a tough pin there. I managed to get it close. And it's always nice with a birdie start and I had like the best day on the greens ever today.

Q. When you look at where you are now, having won the first two matches, destiny is in your own hands. How nice is that going into this final match that you don't have to worry about anything? Tony Finau is going to be the final.
ALEX NOREN: That's the thing. I kind of like it's very direct, it's only one guy going through. You have got to win it all. And it makes it very clear in your mind and you go out and try to win it. Today I needed to get a win today.

Tony is such a good player. I played a lot with him this year. He hits so long and very consistent as well. I need to play as well as I did today probably.

Q. Your two experiences here now, the only man you lost to was Dustin Johnson in the quarterfinals last year on his way to winning tournament. What is about match play that really floats your boat?
ALEX NOREN: It is very much every day is so important. You can't make up ground. If you shoot an average score on Thursday in a normal event, you can think you have got three more good rounds ahead of you. But here you have got to step it up from day one. I think all players get a bit more intense. You want it so much. You want that win however it's done.

Normally if a guy makes birdie, you are happy for him. Here, it's all about winning every hole and trying to win every hole.

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