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March 22, 2018

Tony Finau

Austin, Texas

Q. Congratulations on your second win this week, although you opened the door a little bit, but you were able to recover on 15, weren't you?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, exactly. That was a big birdie on 15. And it's nice to just finish the way I did with a couple of birdies to close it out. But I gave him the chance, kind of like yesterday on 12 and 13, kind of opened the door, or 14 today. And you never want to put yourself in that position that late, especially having control of the match the whole time.

I was happy to finish the way I did today and a lot of times that's what it takes to win, you've just got to finish well.

Q. Speaking of controlling things, you control your own fate tomorrow, but you face Alex Noren, he also controls his own fate. Tell me about that match.
TONY FINAU: That's going to be a great match, I feel. Obviously he's playing some good golf. He's won a couple of matches. I've gotten to know him pretty well. He spent a lot of time in the States this year. A great friend now, and we're going to have a good competitive match tomorrow. I know he's a fantastic player, and I think we're both playing some pretty good golf. I expect to see the man that makes a lot of birdies tomorrow, he's going come out on top. It will be a fun match.

Q. You won the first three holes, how important was that to start so strong today?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, it's important. But more so to finish strong. I was happy with the last couple of birdies, just to close the door. But even though Kevin made some mistakes early, you still have to capitalize. When the wind is blowing this hard, it's really not that easy when you put yourself out of position.

Although he opened the door for me early, I was still able to make a couple of putts when I needed to, some par saves, and just kind of keep the momentum throughout the round. I made a mistake on 14 and he took advantage of that, and next thing you know it's a whole different ballgame.

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