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March 22, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Austin, Texas

Q. 7 & 6. It was a must win match today. I just wondered how that colored your outlook as you headed into it.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: The main thing for me was I really poor yesterday and was disappointed in myself. I mean, Ian did what he needed to do and he played really solid. On a personal sort of level, I was disappointed with my performance.

Today was just do better. I got off to that really good start. I gave him a couple of holes and then managed to stay ahead. I did play really solid today. It's difficult in the wind and I think sometimes you don't realize how difficult it is just because it's match play and you are trying to beat one other person. So it's tricky out there.

Q. So it was an improvement today. You modestly said you were helped along the way by your opponent, but I just wonder what you did to effect the change?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I had to work on my putting. I spoke to a couple of guys at home. I spoke to Phil, my coach, and then my psychologist. And we just discussed things. You have to come out and you have to -- I could have putted poorly today, but if I felt better -- so I made an improvement and that's all you can do. I had a better day. I think that was the main thing.

It's difficult. My game isn't quite there at the moment. I didn't play great last week. There are still sort of things I'm struggling on, but it's getting better.

Today I hold a couple of putts and I just played really solid on a windy day.

Q. Final thoughts on obviously with the Masters just around the corner, is there any difficulty in compartmentalizing in a sense and keeping your mind on this week?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Not massively. It's such a big week. I'm pretty good at just concentrating on the day ahead, on the day at hand. It's nice to have this one done now and I can sort of chill out. I'll do a bit of practice now and then tomorrow I'll wake up and the Masters is still quite a ways away. It's two weeks. One tournament at a time. When the Masters does come around, I'll start preparing for that.

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