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March 22, 2018

Adam Hadwin

Austin, Texas

ADAM HADWIN: I played extremely solid all day, obviously. I made the putts when I needed to keep the momentum on my side. I expected Dustin to play a lot better than he did, I think everybody did.

But I played really solid, steady golf. The way I played, I knew it was going to be a good match until the end. There was a few key putts that he missed.

Q. When you are the underdog, what is the mentality?
ADAM HADWIN: Nothing's changed. I look back, we played together at the BMW Championship last year and I was mentally not prepared to play against him that day. I lost one down on 18, we both -- he was 7-under.

So I knew if I played well, it would be a good match. I played well. I hit it solid, fairways and greens. Kind of missed a couple of putts there wide but made them when I needed to and kind of kept the pressure on him. He needed to play well in order to fight back.

Q. You played steady golf all season long. You can see it in the results each and every tournament. Another steady day out here for you and you eliminate the defending champ?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah. Obviously completely unexpected here to stop on 15, but like you said I played some really good golf all day. Lots of fairways, lots of greens. I felt like I really just wanted to come out and make him know that he was going to have to make some birdies to beat me today. I didn't want to kind of give away holes. I made a nice -- a few nice putts there on the front to kind of keep myself in the match and keep the momentum on my side. He just kind of missed a couple of putts there on the last few holes.

Q. Now your group tomorrow, this is really going to be interesting. Lots of activity tomorrow.
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, you know, I was just talking to Steve about that and the format. Fortunately there's three of us still playing tomorrow. Unfortunately for Dustin, there's really no chance of him moving on. So hopefully for my sake and Bernd's sake, he comes out and plays Kevin well tomorrow. So that if our matches -- it does mean something, I guess. Still lots to play for and it will be fun.

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