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March 22, 2018

Patrick Reed

Austin, Texas

PATRICK REED: I think I was two or three under par at 7. And it's kind of one of those things that Charl was -- he was kind of scrapping it around. He was making birdies, but making birdies from some interesting spots. And that's what you can do in match play. And it was one of those things that you had to go out and play a good round of golf. I knew he was going to come out swinging. And I was able to just kind of hold him off and play some solid golf throughout the day.

Q. Did you watch Monday night, the drawings?
PATRICK REED: I didn't. I was -- at that point I was hanging out with the little ones and just kind of condensing from the day, from practicing. And I didn't even realize what time it was, and all of a sudden I saw it was like 7:05 and I turned on the TV to turn it on at that point. But I was already picked awhile ago. I was wondering why my phone was blowing up, buzzing like crazy, got like 15 text messages telling me my group and everything. It's going to be fun. I can't wait to play with him tomorrow. It's different. Normally I'm used to him being on my side and now we're going up against each other. We just hope to go out and play some good golf and give everyone a show and have a good day at the golf course.

Q. He said in there that you and him as teammates are battling against each other to kind of one-up, is that true?
PATRICK REED: That's true. Oh, yeah. For some reason I feel like with him and I, if we go out there and try to beat each other, playing with each other on the same team, if we try to beat each other and one-up each other, the other team seems to not really have a chance. And for some reason it brings the best golf out in both of us when we do it that way. It works. Now it's going to be for real. We're going to try to one-up each other, because we're going against each other. It should be a nice day.

Q. Is it nice that you're both 2-0, it's a true winner take all, match play match, that you guys are up against each other tomorrow?
PATRICK REED: For sure. That's what makes these matches even more important, more fun and intriguing is it's not like one guy doesn't have a chance to move on and the other guy's trying to move on. Now it's literally whoever wins is moving on to knock out rounds. And it's going to be one of those days. You go out on the golf course, you've got to show up and play good golf.

Q. Have you ever gone up against him, head-to-head, in a match play event?
PATRICK REED: I don't think so. I don't think I have in match play. Yeah, in playoffs. I think we were 1 and 1 in playoffs. But never actually full 18 match play.

Q. He said he was trying to be nice to you all week.
PATRICK REED: Yeah, you know, that's Jordan. He knows if I get angry, that brings the best golf in me. But I have enough tricks that I can do to myself to make myself angry. At that point it will be all right. I'll be fine. My caddie knows how to kind of push my buttons, he'll be able to do that.

Q. The fans are going to be behind Jordan.
PATRICK REED: I hope so. I hope the fans -- he went to school here. If they're not behind him there's an issue. It's just one of those things that anytime you can go out and play golf in your home state, no matter what, it's just going to be fun.

Q. Along those lines, (no microphone.)
PATRICK REED: It can be. It just all depends. When you're coming down towards the end to win a golf tournament and some guy is yelling on your backswing or something like that, then, yes, it can be. But I listen to enough music when I practice with my earbuds in and stuff, that there's enough noise going on with me that if someone says something a lot of times I can handle it and it's white noise. But it just all depends.

Q. You touched on Jordan did go to school here, he's kind of the hometown boy, even though he's from Dallas. But you have central Texas roots, and you're say Texas guy. Do you have any -- feel like you have any type of, maybe not against him, but just playing in this tournament, home course or home field advantage being from Texas?
PATRICK REED: Not really. It's a completely different golf course I play back in Houston. That's the thing, I don't practice here. I don't play here. So the only time I see it is during tournament week. But at the same time when it's match play, doesn't matter what kind of course knowledge you have, literally it's just you against the guy you're playing.

Q. Jordan was asked to give a scouting report on you, and he said your strength in putting. What do you think his key is when it comes to match play?
PATRICK REED: I don't know, my back still hurts from the last Ryder Cup (laughter).

The biggest thing is he's very consistent. He hits the ball well. He chips the ball well. And he putts it really well. So it's one of those things that he's not going to give you holes. You have to go and play some good golf. And that's what it's going to come down to, is who is playing good golf. Because I plan on not giving him any holes. I know he doesn't plan on giving me holes, and that's the biggest thing in match play is not giving up holes, is going in and making each guy earn it, and that's the key.

Q. Talk about the second shot on 18.
PATRICK REED: I saw it the whole way, yeah. I was kind of had just the alley way right up. I was far enough up the hole that I could see the green. From where I was it looked like it was going in. And then I heard them cheering. And I saw the ball just barely right. I knew it was just barely off the hole. To be able to do that at the end and not have to worry about making a putt and really making him have to make a chip shot, it's just -- it was what I needed to get done in order to go against Spieth, where it's basically winner take all.

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