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September 11, 1993

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Helena Sukova


Q. Is there an added incentive when you're playing against a team that's really trying to sort of do something historic?

HELENA SUKOVA: Well, it's first, I think, it is good for us because the pressure is all them and, I think that's what's the deciding factor -- also in the third set, because they felt the pressure, and they were starting to go play well, and then you have to come up with something special to win that match. The pressure was maybe too much for them.

Q. Could you see them on court, did they actually seem a little less comfortable than normal?

HELENA SUKOVA: No, I think the last time we played them in Los Angeles was-- we won in two sets that match, so we knew coming into this one we had a chance. It was the last match we played them.

Q. Helena, how easy was it for you to come right back out and play? HELENA SUKOVA: It wasn't very easy, because, I'm maybe starting to get a little bit tired. Arantxa was there, too, so I didn't have to do it myself. I think the first set was not so good on our side, but then it was good that we came back in the second set.

Q. You said in your post-match press conference after the singles that you and Arantxa-- she said to you in the locker room, did you joke about that at all on the court now?

HELENA SUKOVA: She didn't say much, she tried to strangle me, that was it.

Q. Is it true, Arantxa?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: Yes, it is-- but I was not joking. You know, playing doubles is tougher than playing singles, and we have chances to win today, and we are very happy and you know, we win today and we hope to do it tomorrow, too.

Q. Do you believe you can win after the first set-- I mean, the first set was not only a little bit shy like Helena was saying?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: No, I think like-- Helena said, we were missing all the balls and they were just putting the ball in, and we were the one who makes mistakes. So when we had the changeover, we said, forget about this set and try to concentrate now, and we did much better and put more pressure and started playing much better, and at the end, we won. So it was a little hard, you know, especially coming with 6-1 down and 20 minutes, I know, but you know, we forgot about that, and we kept playing every point and we came back winning.

Q. Did you have a second plan against them?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: Well, we knew how we have to play, we played them two weeks ago. We have to finish all the volleys, is the chance we have. At times in the first set we were missing all the volleys, but after that we started playing with more concentration and a little more smart and better points and we won. You know, we talk a lot and then it goes really well in the beginning of the second set.

Q. You've been able to beat them, but what do you think makes them a good team that they've been able to win so much?

HELENA SUKOVA: I think that's basically that they've been able to play the most consistent doubles of all the other teams and so they haven't had any bad matches. They were all the time playing on the top level which, obviously, made them the great team and made them to win all the big ones. Because even we haven't been as good as they have.

Q. Is there anything with the combination of their styles that makes them strong?

HELENA SUKOVA: I think that both of them are very good doubles players. They have a good feeling for the doubles, and that's the deciding factor in the doubles, when the team works and when both the players know what they doing in the doubles. That's the most important.

Q. Arantxa, how difficult for you was it to overcome yesterday's loss against Helena?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: Well, it was hard that I lost singles Friday, but today was a different day. I mean, I knew what I was going to concentrate for doubles, and I wanted to do really well today and win it. So I just thought that, you know, I lost in the singles, nothing happened, just concentrate for the doubles today, but anyway, you know, it's different. Singles you play by yourself, and doubles you have your partner, but anyway, I'm happy, you know, came back winning and to see if I can win the doubles would be great for me.

Q. Helena, did you realize that you achieved something so-called--

HELENA SUKOVA: I did just before we had the interview for the TV because I said we are in the third final, it is not bad. I wasn't thinking about it before.

Q. Do you feel like the hardest match you've already played it?

HELENA SUKOVA: I think it's better not to play take it that way, because actually the player we're playing tomorrow, we lost to them in Eastbourne, so we're really up to this one-- really we are up to this one and we try our best and take it one match at a time and try to go for it tomorrow.

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