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March 22, 2018

Kiradech Aphibarnrat

Austin, Texas

Q. Two wins. You control your fate, the group, now?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Yeah. I'm really proud with the way I putt the last hole. Try to control myself, calm, and play shot by shot all day. First time I get down on 16 is first time in this event but nice the last two holes.

Q. That putt here, that was not an easy putt, was it, here on 18?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: It's easier because I have win and halve the point. I know that Jon doesn't do well today. So if I miss the last putt, it's still about tomorrow. If I win tomorrow, I'm still win the group. So last putt is quite take the pressure off me a little bit.

Q. What does it mean to be 2 & 0 and be at the top of your group?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: It means a lot. I have been playing good golf. Such a great golf swing, really comfortable with the swing for a couple of months. Then match play is quite really suit my game. The last win of the worldwide win is coming from match play. So I think just playing -- keep playing in my own game, pay attention, keep calm.

Q. You won Paul Lawrie match play in Perth. Are you getting comfortable in match play? What is it that you like?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Match play is something you have to go for it. Sometimes you have to back off. It depends on the honor. If you have got the first tee out and the hole is narrow, sometimes it just -- like the last hole I just lay-up because I know the pin was quite tricky. I believe my wedge is still very good. So just give me a chance to hit.

Q. What do you like about this course?
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: This course is in fantastic shape and perfect place for the match play. You can make a couple of birdies. You can make a lot of bogey as well. It just all depends on your game plan.

Q. What are your goals right now? You play so many different tours. You play worldwide schedule. There's some majors coming up.
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Well, top 30 is my goal. In World Ranking, I was 31 last week and then 32 at the moment. Still try to climb up to the goal.

The next one would be PGA Tour card, which is one of the goal for everyone in the world, I think. Especially from little country in Asia like Thailand, to have a card over here is such a fantastic.

Q. So many good young players from Asia and southeast Asia and Thailand and India. So many young players right now. Do you feel like there is this ground swell of talent coming from --
KIRADECH APHIBARNRAT: Yeah, I think golf in Asia improve a lot. You see a couple of career, Japan, Asia, Thailand, India, a lot of player is on the Tour. I just look forward to it, to join them.

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