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March 22, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

Q. Excited to close out the match?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's going to come down to that match with Xander. So excited about it. He's obviously a very nice young player. And I expect that we'll have a nice, hopefully a good match and see who comes on top.

Q. Does it help or hurt playing with a good friend that you have played out here as far as his course knowledge, with Dylan?
SERGIO GARCIA: With Dylan? To be totally honest, I don't think it helps or hurts. We both -- yes, we are friends but we are both trying our hardest to beat each other. Obviously it's always a little bit more enjoyable when you are good friends with your opponent. But I don't think it really makes a difference when it comes down to playing.

Q. A nice following of Texas fans out here this week. What has that been like to see that here in Austin?
SERGIO GARCIA: Really good. I think that we have seen it both years. They have been amazing. I think that they are extremely excited about us coming here and having a big event like this. So it was nice to see so many people out there cheering. Obviously I feel not like a local but sort of. So it's nice to get that big support.

Q. In the middle of the round, what do you think flipped for you in the round?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was quite simple. I think Dylan played a great front nine on very difficult conditions on a course that is getting harder and harder every day, getting firmer and difficult to hit it close to the flag.

When you have got gusty, windy conditions like we did today, it's even tougher. I think it was couple under on the front which was very good scoring. I felt like I played okay, but kind of let a couple got away and he got up. But then I was able to turn it around on the back nine and made four birdies and no bogeys. On these conditions that usually is going to help you.

Q. That putt on 7 kind of get you going?
SERGIO GARCIA: Not really. Not really. Because then I had a par putt on 8, hit a great putt and lipped out. That would have been a massive win, but the birdie on 10 was huge. To be able to make birdie on that hole, on that pin position that is the tough one with the wind that we had. Then I really got going hitting some good shots.

Q. How exciting is it to go home from work and see your --
SERGIO GARCIA: Can't wait. Can't wait.

Q. Are you going to change the diapers?
SERGIO GARCIA: Am I going to?

Q. Are you good at it?

Q. What is your quickest time?

Q. Change a diaper?
SERGIO GARCIA: I haven't timed myself. We both do it. I love it. It's once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun and fairly easy. You just have to deal with little Azalea kind of kicking you. Other than that, it's very good.

Q. You had some heckling yesterday. Describe what happened.
SERGIO GARCIA: It was simple. The guy obviously was shouting not very nice things at me. So I pointed him out to my officer Wes, standing right behind you. And then he decided to get him out of the course because he was being disrespectful not only to me but to everyone around. So I think that's the decision he made and everything was fine.

Q. Do you find more of that happening? I know Justin had his situation.
SERGIO GARCIA: I mean, the crowds in our game have gotten bigger. So obviously it's not just golf crowds that you get now. And sometimes unfortunately you get one or two guys that are probably having too much fun and a little bit too much liquid and unfortunately it happens. That's the way it is.

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