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March 22, 2018

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. Yesterday you told us your energy level wasn't that high. First time you have played since you got your wisdom teeth taken out and you lost a few pounds. So how was it today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was good. I felt very close to normal, very normal out there today. It was tougher because of the conditions and playing a great player in Patton who has been showing some great form of late. I knew today was going to be tough and it was.

Q. You talked about a great player and showing some form as of late. You guys are 1, 2 in the FedExCup points list. You guys are the only two multiple winners this season on the PGA Tour. A little extra incentive playing against a guy like him today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: More so the fact that he's an Auburn guy is more motivating than anything. It's been awesome how well Patton has done this year. I know both of us are going to be pushing each other the rest of the year. He's a great putter, which is so hard to play against in match play. He made so many putts to halve holes that were in the middle of the match or could have gotten a little bit out of hand and he almost came back and got me.

Q. Well done today. 3 & 1 win over Patton. Obviously feeling better today than you were yesterday?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I felt well yesterday, too. Just not as good as today, that's for sure. I feel basically normal. I'm just happy to be playing some decent golf.

Q. You talking to Steve Sands, mentioned the Auburn-Alabama sort of tension and rivalry going on for you out there today. How was it for you today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was good. I mean, Patton, I have known him for a while. He's a good friend of mine. He's a nice dude. He's got a great wife as well. They are good people. It's not like there wasn't any hatred like there is when the football came comes around.

Q. You are going to be going against Francesco Molinari to decide who advances tomorrow. How challenging is that going to be?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's going to be tough but I'm happy I finally have a chance to win and get through my group. Tomorrow is all in my own hands. I control my own destiny and unfortunately haven't been in that position in the past before. I'm excited for the opportunity.

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