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March 21, 2018

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

SERGIO GARCIA: It was a tight match. Obviously I already feel like I a winner after what happened on Wednesday. But it was nice to have a good finish, couple of really nice birdies. Three really good putts on the last three holes. It was a tough match.

Q. Was it a different feeling playing your first tournament as a father?
SERGIO GARCIA: A little bit, I guess. It was a great feeling. Obviously it's something that we're so, so happy and proud of and enjoying it as much as possible.

Q. (Inaudible)?
SERGIO GARCIA: Simple as that. It was tight. It was very tight. I did some good things, some not so good things. I kept myself in the game the whole way without my A game, I guess.

Hit a great shot on 16 with a drive. Unfortunately it went over the green but made a great up-and-down. Made a good putt there for birdie.

Then 17, a good up-and-down after not a good shot.

And then obviously 18, I thought it was fine. I thought it was in the fairway. Obviously it went in the bunker and hit a great bunker shot.

Q. Talk about the fans here.
SERGIO GARCIA: I think everyone -- probably say that I felt -- I feel very blessed and very thankful the way the fans have treated me all over the world. Obviously this week it's no different.

Q. A thrilling match for you. How thrilling was it for you?
SERGIO GARCIA: A win is always great. This one was no different. A couple of moments here and there that I would like to do a little bit better. But I think I made four or five birdies on the back nine in not easy conditions. The course is quite tough.

Q. What was that shot like and why did you take your shoes off?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was very simple. I have spikes. So if I don't take my shoes off, I'm going to slip. It's not the kind of shot that you want to slip. So I felt like, therefore, I could have a better grip. Obviously if I'm on the grass, it's different. But being on the tarmac, with spikes, obviously it's very difficult to -- I had tried it a couple of times on practice swings and I was already slipping a little bit. So I thought I would just take my shoes off, try to get a little bit in front of the hole and it came out great.

Q. (Inaudible)?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was fun. I mean, I didn't think my drive was that bad. I thought it was going to be just on the right side of the tent. It must have bounced a little bit left, and then I couldn't take relief from the cart path because then I would have been in the middle of the (indiscernible) and I would have had no shot to the green. So I thought that was my best option.

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