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March 21, 2018

Luke List

Austin, Texas

Q. When is the last time you played match play?
LUKE LIST: It's been a while.

Q. Do you know specifically?
LUKE LIST: No, I don't.

Q. Talk about your match. Obviously the putter situation, I don't know if you want to go into that, but what happened there?
LUKE LIST: I was walking off the 6th tee, and I was a little unhappy about the way I was feeling, a little under the weather. And I thought it was like a brush area and I just kind of swiped my putter, and it turned out to be a wall. It bent like a fraction of an inch. So unfortunately I couldn't use it the rest of the way. Stupid on my part.

Q. Were you surprised that you were in the match to the last hole, playing with probably a sand wedge?
LUKE LIST: No. Justin is a little under the weather, also, he wasn't on his game. And unfortunately the result is what it is. But I'll get the club fixed and go on to my next two matches.

Q. And you said you're sick or just have the flu or something?
LUKE LIST: Not the flu, just sinuses. A lot of people have that, no excuses.

Q. You have two more days to play well and maybe just comments about your next two matches in terms of the players you're playing?
LUKE LIST: Looks pretty good, Patton is No. 2 in the FedExCup and Justin is on a similar run. Justin is a great player with a lot of good match play experience. I knew it was going to be hard. Fortunately to get Justin, it would not be an easy one, but to be 0 and 1 is good.

Q. To get into this tournament obviously was one of your goals?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, it was.

Q. So what's kind of been not your turnaround, necessarily, but what's been your key in your season so far?
LUKE LIST: I got going kind of at Riviera. The West Coast wasn't going exactly the way I wanted it and kind of refocused on what I was working on mentally. And you're going to have days. It's a work in progress. And I have been doing a fantastic job at that the last month or so, so you can't be too hard on yourself.

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