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March 21, 2018

Tyrrell Hatton

Austin, Texas

Q. Can you describe that performance today?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I guess I didn't drop many shots today, which was key. I missed a few putts. I've done my bit and won my match today.

Q. Once you got yourself in front, was that the kind of main priority, to just keep the foot on the accelerator as much as you could?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I was trying to hit good shots today, which was the key. And kind of put the pressure on him. I feel like I played pretty solid today. It wasn't too windy, which was nice. It was nice going out there early today and sort of playing in calmer conditions. If I'm honest, I'd like it to stay that way the rest of the week.

Q. You had a bizarre incident 12 months ago which effectively put paint to your championship year. I want to know how much that was on your mind when you turned up this morning?
TYRRELL HATTON: It wasn't on my mind until I got a two foot putt on the first par. So luckily I managed to knock that in without any issues. But to be honest, I hadn't thought about it until that point.

Q. From your point of view this different format, this stage early, how much of an adjustment is it?
TYRRELL HATTON: Not so much. We don't get to play match play too often, but it's a nice change. All matches are going to be tough. And if you can go through to the weekend.

Q. It's a bonus knowing that the Masters is just around the corner?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, I can't wait for Masters. I'm really excited for that week. I'll have the family out again. It will be nice. Obviously in the meantime I've got to focus on this week, and try to do as well as I can.

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