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March 21, 2018

Brendan Steele

Austin, Texas

Q. How would you describe the difficulty in ending a match?
BRENDAN STEELE: It's totally different than a normal tournament. Usually you are so worried about yourself and trying to do the best you can. Here, you feel like you make one mistake and you give up the momentum.

Charlie hit some great shots coming in and he's taking the momentum. He sucking the energy out of me. It's a back and forth battle. You can never be far enough up to be comfortable and it's just a totally different feeling.

Q. Normally in match play in this sport it's one and done. With the three-day format, what's the mentality when you are going into the first day?
BRENDAN STEELE: It still feels like one and done. If you lose the first match, you're really in trouble. You have got to win the next two and then hope that things kind of crack your way. So still feels like that to me. But obviously you have a little bit more life.

Q. Free win for you.
BRENDAN STEELE: The funny thing is I felt like I was playing so well, and then I was 4-up through 12. Then I made one mistake on 13 and we just kind of misjudged the shot and played the wrong shot and it spins back in the water, gave Charlie this boost of energy. Then he goes and birdies the hardest hole on the course. Then all of a sudden you have got a bunch of stress. This is totally different situation than we're used to.

Q. In match play, you don't want to give your opponent any hope?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah. You don't want to give them any hope. If they have got energy, they are taking that energy from you. You want to hold all the cards and all the energy and feel good about everything you are doing and not let them have any sort of glimmer of hope.

Q. How many times does that match happen where we don't see it, like in a practice round or two friends playing in California or something?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, I probably play as much golf with Charlie as any other pro, for sure. Charlie and Phil back home, there's not a ton of guys in California. We get a lot of games together. It's always fun to be Charlie's partner. I always like that better than playing against him. He's a good friend, so that's interesting, too, when you get paired with somebody that you like socially away from the course.

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