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March 21, 2018

Alex Noren

Austin, Texas

Q. I first met you at this hole last year. I think I talked to you every day here because you closed out every match on this hole. Good vibes here?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it's good. Last time I saw this hole, I lost to Dustin Johnson the final game, in the quaterfinals.

It was nice. I played good today. He played good as well, and we had a great match going. And I'm happy to win it.

Q. It's been a quite a 12 months for you since golfers in America first learned about Noren. Now you are favorite this year. How is it different for you?
ALEX NOREN: I don't know about favorite. There are so many good players here. Well, it's just I played better this year. I started the year better than before. It's just -- I'm just very happy with the start and with the start of this week.

You feel the same way over the ball. You always worry where it's going to land.

Q. Final thing, you mentioned you are playing more over here, but you are still have a pretty full schedule. How do you balance that?
ALEX NOREN: I'm going to play more in Europe in the summer. But I'm just trying to play both tours and it's first year I have had the opportunity to do it. I have always wanted it, so I feel really lucky to kind of get used to this golf a little bit.

This course is -- you learn a lot, I think. As much as I learn about the European courses that we play, you learn about these courses. It's not so easy maybe the first time you go around them. I have played a few PGA Tours throughout the year. I maybe played too few to get a feel for how to play.

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