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March 21, 2018

Patrick Reed

Austin, Texas

PATRICK REED: I think the biggest thing was I parred the course to death today. For some reason it seemed to play a little different and a little difficult today. To be able to par the first two and be 2-up moving on after the first two, just kind of be able to coast.

I hit some quality golf shots in there, but really it was just kind of a really boring day of golf. Just kind of get the ball in play, get on the green or and the green, make par and make him have to make birdies.

Luckily I was able to roll in a birdie there at 7 and he gave me a couple of gifts on 9. Just kind one of those days that you have to go out and play boring golf and not make any mistakes.

Q. You are working out with your swing instructor, I assume ironing out some things. Are you safe with where your game is at heading into your second match tomorrow?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, I just want to try to get back on the offense on some of the shots. With where I was hitting my driver today, and being that guy that's always hitting second in the greens rather than being first, it seems like I was always playing away from the flag, hit the center of the green, make some pars. Didn't really have to be that aggressive. I wasn't playing towards many flags.

KK and I went out on the range and just tried to go in attack mode, attack different flags and targets and try to do that rather than play safe like it's a U.S. Open.

Q. Great win today. How do you assess your performance out there?
PATRICK REED: Kind of boring. Hit the ball in play off the tee, hit it on the green or around the green, just make a bunch of pars. It wasn't anything special. But a day like to day, first match, wind in the opposite direction, just kind of more getting a feel for the golf course and getting ready for the week.

Q. You're a big hitter and you were hitting after him. How important is that in match play? What effect does that have?
PATRICK REED: Really it's two different things. You either are hitting -- having to always attack and go at the flags or you are having to play to the middle of the green. Today was one of the days I had to play to the middle of the green all day. I feel like his ball is 40 yards out and left and we all think it's gone. I bailed out right, end up in a bunker. Next thing I know his hit a house, hit a tree and got back in play. He knocks on the green and makes eagle. It is just one of those days, very boring, just kind of hit it in the middle of the fairway, try to hit it on the green and two putt.

Q. We all know you as Captain America. We know you deliver in the Ryder Cup format. How much can you lean on that in this? Bouncing back is one of your biggest qualities, Patrick.
PATRICK REED: Again, I felt like I was playing pretty solid. I was able to hit a perfect iron shot in there and leave myself a right-to-lefter and that was one of times I hit it inside of him. He ended up hitting it just short, basically the same line I did. So I got a good read off of it with how good these greens are.

Q. Is it match play or is it the Ryder Cup that makes you love this style of play?
PATRICK REED: I would say kind of both. I mean, they are a little different. An event like this, it's just you out here playing. When it comes down to Ryder Cup, you are playing for your country. You have your teammates. It's a whole different beast.

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